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BONES Sneak Peeks: The Life in the Light

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

BONES Sneak Peeks: The Life in the Light

If Brennan is a little snippier than usual in this new sneak peek clip from tonight’s Bones episode then she has every reason to be.

“The Life in the Light” will see her ongoing separation from Booth starting to cut deep, especially when his 30 Days Sober milestone approaches, a key event she has not been invited to attend.

While her friends and colleagues attempt the kid glove approach, Brennan deals with her pain the only way she knows how, by pushing it to one side in order to concentrate on her work.

This week, the remains of an ex-con, who appeared to have reinvented himself as a zen yoga instructor, test the Jeffersonians as they attempt to work out who would want to kill a man who practised peace and love.

Bones’ “The Life in the Light” episode airs Thursday June 4 on FOX.

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