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CASTLE Sneak Peeks: Beckett’s First Day Goes Horribly Wrong

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

Hey Castle fans, we’ve got three sneak peek clips to share with you from the Season 8 Premiere.

Watch in the first clip as Beckett prepares for her first day at work as Chief of the 12th Precinct. What could possibly go wrong? A lot actually. But before all the drama unfolds, (and there’s quite a lot of drama, folks) there’s time for a little romance, as Rick gifts Beckett with a smoking hot gesture. Don’t worry, the real gift is inside.

Meanwhile, in clip two, we get a chance to see how Rick’s Castle Investigations remodeling budget has been spent.

From the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe to a secret lever-activated lair, to a not so well thought out weapons cache, it’s everything Rick has ever dreamed of.

It’s also almost enough to make him forgive the fact Alexis has been taking (and solving) cases in his absence. Almost.

Finally, in a third clip, Castle, Ryan and Esposito track a lead on Beckett’s disappearance, only to find themselves confronted with a stranger who appears to be working the same case. Can the capable and mysterious Hayley lead the team to Beckett, or is she secretly working her own agenda?

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Castle returns Monday 21 on ABC.

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