That Day

CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peeks: Dawson’s Very Bad Day

Dawson is about to have a very bad day in Chicago Fire’s “That Day.”

The Nov. 22 hour will see her accidentally hitting a pedestrian who steps in front of the ambulance while en route to a call.

While Casey (Jesse Spencer) and the team feel for her predicament, Dawson is left to face the repercussions — including dealing with a whole lot of bureaucracy — alone.

Meanwhile, Casey and Severide (Taylor Kinney) disagree and continue to investigate an arson case while Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) is left to decide whether to attend an important function in New York.

And in hopes of preparing him for a possible promotion, Casey puts Herrmann (David Eigenberg) at the helm for a shift so he can discover firsthand what his superiors deal with.

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We’ve got two new sneak peek clips, courtesy of NBC, to share from “That Day” below.

In the first, Casey arrives back at the station, anxious to comfort Dawson, only to discover that union rules forbid him being in the room with her while she makes her statement.

In Clip 2, Dawson relives her harrowing account in an incident interview, but is frustrated and upset to learn that her details of the accident aren’t specific enough for the report.

The “That Day” episode of Chicago Fire airs Tuesday November 22 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

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