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Covert Affairs’ Perabo & Gorham Dish Infidelity Fallout, Season 4 Finale & More

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

Just days before the Covert Affairs season four finale, “Trompe Le Monde” airs on USA, and with Life, Liberty and Love hanging in the balance for Annie Walker and Auggie Anderson, Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorham sat down with ScreenSpy to discuss the burning questions on all our enquiring minds.

The duo dished on everything from Annie’s surrender, Auggie’s (in)fidelity, Henry’s fate, Potential character resurrections, and a cinematographically exciting Hong Kong finale which promises to, in Gorham’s words, “leave you begging for season five as quickly as possible!”

The final moments of Covert Affairs’ pre-finale episode, “There Goes My Gun” shook the already teetering foundation of what little was left hanging in an unfairly weighted balance. Annie surrendered to Henry, Auggie is left flying solo in Hong Kong without an iota of backup, and Calder (Hill Harper) has boarded a plane toward a compromised CIA, bringing with him one of the only remaining live witnesses to Henry’s heinous crimes. Arthur and Joan, for their parts, are wounded and wiser, and mad as hell, but as far as we know, powerless to do anything about it.

How on earth will this situation resolve in the remaining forty-three minutes of season four? Perabo, the star of Covert Affairs who plays Annie Walker, and Gorham, her counterpart who plays Auggie Anderson, spoke about a finale bombshell that promises to change the whole trajectory of the show.

“A huge bombshell?” Perabo laughed. “There’s so many bombshells at the end of the finale. It’s pretty exciting. I certainly can’t tell any of them, but they’re both negative and positive bombshells that go off at the end, right down to the final frames of the episode. It’s amazing!”

“Piper described it pretty well,” added Gorham. “It’s such a good episode, a powerful ending, and it leaves things in a nice place to start season five.”

Piper Perabo as Annie Walker. (Photo by Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

Piper Perabo as Annie Walker. (Photo by Steve Wilkie/USA Network)

When it comes to taking risks in the spy world, there’s a very thin line between badass and dumbass. When a team is in the midst of it all, the difference can be barely discernible, even for an operative as resourceful and nimble-footed as Annie Walker, and a sidekick as ingenious and steadfast as Auggie Anderson. Sometimes the only choice remaining is the slightly lesser of two abhorrent evils. Only in retrospect can the final determination be made. So, did Annie make the right choice in giving herself over to the Satan Incarnate?

Perabo and Gorham admitted being as surprised as the rest of us at Annie’s extraordinarily bold surrender to Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzen).

“It’s not a great plan. It’s a really dangerous idea,” Piper admitted. “And when I read it, I was like, wait, that’s the idea?! But I like that Annie is willing to go way out on a limb.”

Gorham agreed. “Auggie trusts her judgment. He’s been standing up for her and defending her since day one. He’s also been to battle before and he knows what it is, knows that there are no guarantees. He’s going to do his best to make sure that they walk out of there together. And like Piper said, what she decides to do, it’s not the ideal plan, but under the circumstances I don’t know what the other options are because the risk of Henry disappearing is very real. If we lose him here he’s gone. We’ll never get him again.”

“It’s crazy that we were able to follow him this far,” Perabo agreed. “When Annie decides to turn herself in to Henry, it’s in a kind of last ditch effort. And she, herself, is like the tracking device. If she can sit next to Henry in his car, or she can be in the same building where he is, and she knows Auggie is in that city, she knows Auggie will find her. And I think part of the reason that she feels like there’s hope still is that Auggie’s there and he won’t leave without her.”

Alone in Hong Kong without the backing of the CIA, Annie and Auggie are up against an entire Wilcox army. Can they bring Henry down without tactical support?

“Calder’s going to do everything that he can on his end to help Annie and Auggie succeed. What makes things tricky is he’s not sure what he’s flying into because of what’s been going on back an Langley,” Gorham said.

Calder took an enormous risk in participating in Annie’s disappearance and death. In that one act he chose in favor of  her crusade, though the swaggerific Calder has shown hesitation in the face of Annie’s sometimes off-the-wall methods.

“I love how the writers wrote the Calder character,” Perabo added, “and that he was a real, kind of, nut. He was not on our side at the beginning and then it takes a whole season for the three of us to become a team. I don’t know if Calder trusts Annie, but I think she trusts him. I don’t know if she always likes him.”

“Part of what’s interesting about Calder and makes him so much fun is that he’s not always likeable,” said Gorham. “But you know where he stands and there’s value in that.”

Being the only two in the know about Dead Annie Walking and still attached to the CIA until just recently, Auggie and Calder were forced to form an alliance.

“Auggie and Calder have discovered that they have the same goal,” Gorham said, admitting that the two characters do go about things differently. Eventually, they learn to trust each other. “I did something very deliberate when Auggie and Calder have this walk and talk scene at the World War II Memorial, and it’s the first time that Auggie has walked with Calder with his cane folded up, which is something that I only do with characters that Auggie trusts. I felt like that was him saying to Calder—without saying it—that I know we’re on the same side and let’s work together. I trust you. I think.”  When it comes to the their current situation, Perabo confirmed that Calder will definitely share his intel with the Campbells.

Christopher Gorham as Auggie. (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)

Christopher Gorham as Auggie. (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)

Speaking of immediate tactical support from Arthur (Peter Gallagher) and Joan (Kari Matchett), or in regard to the Campbell’s future in general, Perabo and Gorham hesitated, struggling with what they are able to spill. Whatever’s next, it sounds like it’s juicy and fun. Listening to the banter was delightful:

Perabo: “Silence. Silence.”
Gorham: “I know. What can we share? What can we share?” (Giggling)
Perabo: I’m like, what can I share?” (More giggling)
Gorham: “Hide behind that question!”

Finally, the two effused about their more experienced counterparts storyline in the most recent episode.

“Oh my God! Can I just say I was tweeting while I was watching the episode, and that shot looking up at Joan diagonally when she fires the gun in slow motion and then you track down her body and see the phone in her hand! Those fight scenes in last week’s episode really remind you that Arthur and Joan are not just administrative people, they’re extremely high level spies. And they were field agents who were real badasses.”

“It was such a nice reminder of what great fighters they are,” interjected Gorham. “Arthur has been frustrated this season. He relished being able to take control and fight for his career and for his family and for his friends in last week’s episode. And then fight for his life after he’d been stabbed, or he’s crawling and trying to pull himself together and call his wife. I thought it was just gorgeous. And so I think what it sets us up for—and we can’t really tell you any specifics—but I think it ‘resets’ Arthur and Joan to the strong couple who are fighting for each other that we saw when the show started.”

(Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)

Arthur and Joan are “Wounded and Wiser.” (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)


As polluted as the CIA is at present—what with Braithwaite (Craig Eldridge) appearing to be on team Henry ‘Hello, Ms. Walker’ Wilcox—and as incapacitated as Arthur is physically as well as professionally, will the Campbells be able to assist the Walker triad in any way?

“It’s going to be like Sly Stallone in Rambo,” Gorham promised. “There’s going to be slow motion and Arthur’s’s going to have a headband. It’s going to be crazy!”

As we guessed, Covert Affairs fans, we haven’t seen the last of the Campbells. Yay!

“Both Arthur and Joan are still very connected because of the positions that they’ve held in the CIA. As long as you can get them to a phone they can help. The fighting spirit you see in ‘There Goes My Gun” is a signal of how invested they are that this mission be completed.”

A failure at this point could be fatal for both operatives in Hong Kong. If not fatal, it has already proved transformative for Annie on many levels.

“Henry has been certainly the focus of this season,” admitted Gorham, “but the show, overall, is really about Annie and her career and her life experiences.”

“Part of the fallout,” Perabo reflected, “whether we take down Henry, or bring him into custody, or don’t get him at all, is what it’s cost Annie and Auggie just to hunt him down. Annie has changed in some pretty major ways in what she’s had to do to go after him. In playing Annie I think a lot about, can we get back to what she was before? And how has this changed her as an operative and as a person? And can she salvage her relationship with Auggie — (lead a) sort of normal life?”

Speaking of Annie and her life as a whole, Perabo answered a question about Henry Wilcox’s seemingly emotional (paternal?) attachment to Annie, and the possibility that there may be a connection between Annie and Henry that Annie is not yet aware of.

“When the writers created Henry, especially in this season, he and Arthur were always foils for each other. And the fact that we’ve never met Annie’s parents …  well, Arthur is sort of the light and Henry is the dark side …”

“That’s (from) Star Wars,” Gorham interjected comically, referencing both Darth Vader being of the Dark Side and reveling, “I am your father,” in The Empire Strikes Back.

“… so I think that they were often thinking of Henry and Arthur,” Perabo continued, “as sort of parallel forces to Annie, both wanting Annie to join their work. That tone that you’re picking up is definitely there because of a thematic feeling that the writers always have about Henry, and which side Annie would chose to be on.”

A major question on everyone’s mind is the surprising turn of events in the Auggie-Annie romance: Auggie slept with his resurrected ex-wife, Helen. Gorham and Perabo reacted strongly to this provocative topic, sharing some surprising insights into the intricacies of the lives of their spies.

Asked, does Christopher Gorham think Auggie and Annie can revive their romantic relaitonship after he cheated on her? Gorham had a lot to say.

“I have to say, I don’t think it’s quite so cut and dry as you present it. They broke up and barely saw each other until after she came back months and months later. Part of the reason Auggie argued so strongly against (Annie faking her death) was that even if she lived through the mission, there’s no guarantee that she’s going to be able to come back to their lives as they were.”

“We were on a break. It’s like on Friends. We were on a break!” Perabo insisted, defending Auggie’s indiscretion, likening it to the running gag initiated by famously faltering romantic sitcom couple, Ross and Rachel.

“It’s very easy and certainly tempting and juicy to say that Auggie cheated on Annie,” Gorham explained. “And I completely understand that kind of gut feeling. But I think one of the things our show has really started to explore is just how complicated these people’s lives are, and if the boundaries are different for these people than they are for an accountant and a school nurse who are married.”

Covert Affairs - Season 4

Auggie’s relationship complications get … complicated.

“There were a lot of things that happened that we didn’t really see on screen. Auggie had to call Danielle and tell her that she was dead,” Gorham pointed out “And I don’t know that that’s something that you can just walk back into, and therefore, by itself I don’t think it is necessarily a deal breaker because it’s complicated and at the end of the day, these two really do care about each other and trust each other. And so as long as they have that foundation I think there’s always a chance.”

“And I’ll say this too,” Perabo added. “Auggie is one of the few people in the world that Annie trusts. So it makes a relationship always sort of possible. One of the dynamics that shifted when Annie and Auggie were a couple was that they were the center of calm as the world is kind of swirling out of control around them. She had someone that she can share that with, where before she was kind of always going through it alone.”

Asked what it meant to their relationship that Auggie stayed in Hong Kong to assist Annie, Gorham provided the following insight: “Auggie cares deeply for her and he cares about the mission and he means what he says: I am here for you. I have got your back always. And I’m not leaving without you. He’s a soldier—Leave No Man Behind—and he’s not going anywhere unless they both walk out of there.”

The pair was adamant that their relationship is continually evolving. This entire experience has the potential to strengthen their relationship as operatives working together, and, potentially again, as lovers.

“Now that Annie has been going through this period of going dark, having to risk her death and being completely cut off, they may actually bring them closer than ever and make them even more peers than we’ve ever seen them. And I think long term, if you’re looking towards a potential relationship — it might open things up to go better should they ever get together again because they’re on more equal footing experientially, if that makes sense.”

Asked about the development of other Covert Affairs characters going forward, Perabo and Gorham expect we have not seen the last of fan favorites Eyal Lavine (Oded Fehr) and FBI Agent Vincent Rossabi (Noam Jenkins).

More intriguing, however, was the pair’s response to a question about Arthur’s first son, Teo Braga (Manolo Cardona). Fans would like to see Teo return. From what Perabo and Gorham said, it looks like the fans are not alone.

“Isn’t he great? We loved Manolo!” Gorham offered. “Clearly we have a pattern of people who used to be dead, but are no longer dead. I mean Auggie has two fake dead ex-girlfriends!”

“Yes. We love Manolo!” Perabo agreed. “There have been deaths on the show shot in a way that we could not come back from in any way and I was then so angry. So when I saw the final cut of the death of Teo, I was really excited because I thought, you know, we didn’t really put him in the ground! That’s all I can say about that. And it makes me really have hope.”

Covert Affairs friends, you’ll never believe what happened when yours truly asked, “Can you at least tell us—you don’t have to tell us what the answer is—but do you know what the future for Teo is?”

Their response? A deafeningly silent six seconds of digital audio nothingness. You could have heard a pin drop, folks. #NoLie

Finally, there was relieved laughter, and Perabo said, “I can’t say. I know that I can’t say. That’s all. I know that I’m not allowed to say. Does that help?”

What do you think, Covert Affairs fans? I think we haven’t yet heard the last of that lovely Colombian mocha voice calling Annie, ‘Darlin’. What do you think?

So there you have it, fans. (Almost) everything you wanted to know about Annie’s shoot-from-the-hip surrender strategy, her continuing relationship with Auggie, Henry’s possible fates, the rest of the cast, and a finale that’s exciting all the way down to the very last second.

Piper Perabo’s final words to the fans about Thursday’s finale?  “I can’t wait for you to see it. I hope you like it.”

“Trompe Le Monde” airs Nov. 21st at (10-11 pm ET) on USA. Annie and Auggie work together to bring Henry Wilcox to justice while Calder returns to the U.S. with a win for the Agency, but Joan may remain his only true ally within Langley. For first look images of “Trompe Le Monde” click here.

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