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David Duchovny and Claire Holt Talk AQUARIUS

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

David Duchovny and Claire Holt Talk AQUARIUS

Aquarius, a new crime thriller from John McNamara (In Plain Sight) and Marty Adelstein (Prison Break) premieres on NBC tonight.

The series stars David Duchovny and Grey Damon as an unlikely cop duo tasked with bringing home a wayward and impressionable 16 year old (Emma Dumont) who has joined a small, but growing, band of drifters.

The hippie group is under the sway of a career criminal who dreams of being a rock star: Charles Manson (Game of Thrones’ Gethin Anthony), and Damon’s Detective Brian Shafe will have to go deep undercover if he hopes to infiltrate the group and find Emma.

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Assisted in his cover by an up and coming female police officer (Claire Holt), the team attempts to subvert the goals of one of history’s most notorious future serial killers.

In the following video interviews, David Duchovny and Claire Holt discuss the show, the stakes and their characters in more detail.

Aquarius premieres Thursday May 28 on NBC.

NBC will also release all 13 episodes on and the NBC app following the show’s two-hour linear premiere.

The full 13 episodes will remain up on both digital platforms for a four-week period, while each new one-hour episode will continue to premiere, as planned, each week in the 9 p.m. Thursday timeslot on NBC.

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