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Do Disputes On the ‘Dredd’ Set Spell Trouble For Movie?

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

Do Disputes On the 'Dredd' Set Spell Trouble For Movie?

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a report which raised more questions than it answered.  The hubbub surrounds Lionsgate’s upcoming Dredd movie, slated for release in September 2012 and starring Star Trek’s Karl Urban.

Specifically the LA Times is reporting that director Pete Travis (Vantage Point) has been dismissed and locked out of the editing room, while screenwriter and producers Alex Garland, Andrew MacDonald and Allon Reich, have taken over post production duties. The move is said to have occurred following a number of creative disagreements which reached a boiling point recently.

Conversely, another source maintains that although Travis is no longer involved, he is keeping up with progress via the Internet and has not been ousted from the project.

Although it’s not unusual for producers to seek additional help in post production, the rumor that Garland is effectively in charge and may now be seeking c0-creator status on the project has raised eyebrows and led many to ponder the root cause of Travis’ dismissal.

Dredd, based on a recurring story in the 2000 AD Comic for many years, is set in a futuristic Dystopian Earth made largely uninhabitable by radiation.  Most citizens live in Mega Cities, where Judges have the authority to be judge, jury and executioner. A 1995 adaptation of the comic book, starring Sylvester Stallone was largely considered a disappointment, both commercially and to fans who felt the material strayed too far from the source.

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