Essential Murderous TV Series

Essential Murderous TV Series


Entertainment is changing. While there was a noticeable shift from television to films a decade ago, the new-age of streaming has brought back all the attention on to the small screen. The change has been so drastic that we are now watching series and films on smaller screens, that of our phones and tablets. There is also a change in the content that we are binging on as a result of these technological advancements. No longer are big movie stars limiting themselves to theatrical releases. Instead, we see more of them in unique television series that are as exciting as they are entertaining.

This new wave of entertainment has led to some fantastic content. Top directors and actors are collaborating to present a wide range of products that cover various genres from comedy and films to documentaries and limited series. Audiences are getting hooked onto watching their favourite stars in interesting plotlines that are contemporary and nothing like what we’ve seen on TV till now. There’s a surge of excitement in the industry where once production was done by the book, but now, people are ready to take chances and experiment with new ideas. One of these is the fascination humans have with murder and death. As a result, there have been some genuinely thrilling murderous series that should be on your must-watch list.




One of the most exciting studies into human nature, Mindhunter is about an FBI team that goes about interviewing serial killers to understand their way of thinking better. Set in the 1970s, the series has strong characterisation that explores not just the inner workings of the killers, but also the main protagonists who battle demons of their own. Its success is mainly due to the clever mix of fact with some fiction and stellar acting performances by the entire cast, especially Cameron Britton as the Co-ed killer, Ed Kemper.



Innocence lost is what most people said when Riverdale first aired. The happy go lucky nature of Archie, and his gang, might have worked as a romantic comedy for most, but this Millennial revamp into a dark, murder-filled series brimming with small-town angst took its time to grow on the audience. Almost all the main characters from the comic get a mention, but considering the rate at which people get bumped off, it’s hard to tell how long they will be a part of the plot. As for the actors, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes are among the young stars that already have audiences waiting eagerly for new episodes to telecast.    


Making A Murderer

A docu-series that takes a closer look at the American legal system Making A Murderer has been surrounded with controversy ever since it first released on TV. The two-season series follows the life of Steven Avery who was at first wrongfully accused of a sexual attack that led him to serve 18 years in jail. However, shortly after his release, he is convicted of murder. What results is a web of lies and confusion as lawyers fight intense battles in the courts of Wisconsin. The episodes try to break down the evidence one by one often stating the obvious that was overlooked by judges and the jury. More than anything, Making A Murderer is a true testament of human will as Steven still insists on his innocence while having spent 12 years behind bars now.