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Exclusive Scoop on THE FLASH Season 4 Premiere

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 4 years ago

We’ve felt a bit like Barry Allen trapped in the speedforce waiting for season 4 of The Flash to come around, but at last the end is in sight.

The show returns on Oct. 10 and we couldn’t be happier. The premiere will give fans the opportunity to see how well Central City — and Team Flash — has been surviving without the scarlet speedster. However when a new villain arrives on the scene demanding to battle the Flash, Cisco, Joe, Wally and Iris realize their best efforts may not be good enough.

And when Cisco reveals that he has been secretly working on a way to bring Barry home (of course he has), Iris is thrown into an emotional tailspin.

Meanwhile, a repentant Caitlin privately offers to help Cisco in his plans.

We’ve seen the premiere episode a little early, thanks to our friends at the CW, and have a number of teasers to share with you. As always, we avoid outright spoilers and plot point reveals that would ruin your enjoyment of the live event. That said, we urge you to proceed with caution anyway. You know the way these things are. It’s the internet, and just who are these ScreenSpy people anyway?

Keep Running

Barry’s final words to Iris were to “keep running,” and it looks like she took those words to heart.

While the Season 4 premiere reveals Wally and Cisco playfully arguing whether to call their newly structured Barry-less crime fighting force “Team Kid Flash” or “Team Vibe,” Iris is busy running. Running the lab that is. That’s right. There’s a new boss in Star Labs, and she’s more demanding than season one Harrison Wells.

Better do as she says, boys.

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