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Experience the Many Beginnings of One Great Friendship In “The Day They Met”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

Experience the Many Beginnings of One Great Friendship In “The Day They Met”

Written by: Wendy C. Fries

Publisher: MX Publishing

Release Date: January 26th 2015

Genre: Mystery/Pastiche

For fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” and its plethora of adaptations, “The Day They Met” by Wendy C. Fries is a great foray into the friendship between John Watson and Sherlcok Holmes, offering 50 different short stories exploring how this famous duo came to be. From a classic jail cell in India to a contemporary coffee shop in England, the stories span many different scenarios over many different years.

Unfortunately, as is the hallmark of a truly great short story collection, just as you’re getting into things, the story ends. But perhaps that’s also the beauty of it? These small snatches leave the reader to develop their own ideas of what happens next. Or better yet, pick up a Sherlock Holmes novel and go on those adventures this book is lacking.

Fries’ love of the Sherlock novels is evident in her characterization of John and Sherlock. Some of the stories feature in-depth views into the heart of these characters, their pain, heartache and their motivations. And in each story is the unmistakable great friendship between these two men and what draws them together: their passion for solving puzzles. You’ll also find some other beloved characters from the Sherlock Universe thrown in too, so keep an eye out for them.

Some stand out stories include “You and What Army?” where John and Sherlock meet at a young age and, in a brief encounter, manage to shape the course of each other’s lives before meeting again as adults. There are also plenty of humorous stories like “Blood Will Tell” where Sherlock stumbles upon a crazed, blood-soaked John in a jail cell, or “The Impossible Man” where the two are corresponding to each other about a classified ad for a flatmate at 221B Baker St:

“Impossible Man seeks same for shared accomadation. Helpfulf if potential flatmate partial to violin, strong tobacco, chemical experiments, and unusualy hours. Knowledge of poisons a plus. Interested parties reply by post to S. Holmes, 221B Baker St.”

“Dear Mr. Holmes

I am a doctor recently returned from service in Afghanistan. I am tidy of habit, quiet of nature, and prone to insomnia. I have detailed knowledge of anatomy, vegetable alkaloids, and antiserums. I enjoy a well-played violin, whisky, and ‘ship’s’ tobacco. Perhaps it’s possible you find me impossible enough? – John Watson, 8, The Strand”

If you love the great friendship that is John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, this book of 50 short stories is definitely for you.

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