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ONCE Fall Finale Sneak Peeks: Ignorance is Bliss …

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

Ingrid’s plans for Storybrooke’s violent demise may be dust in the wind (or in this case snowflakes) by now, but larger and more sinister plans are still afoot, as evidenced in the first of two new sneak peek clips from Once Upon a Time’s Fall finale.

In “Heroes and Villains” Rumpel plans to cut his connection to the dagger once and for all with the use of the stolen magical hat. (However, when those stars are aligned and The Dark One is finally free of his compulsion we don’t exactly see quiet retirement in his immediate future.)

Rumpel may want to keep Belle both ‘ignorant’ and ‘blissful’ where his world domination plans are concerned, but Hook has caught on to the fact that someone else is aware of his master plan. Someone close to Belle – with the ability to spill the beans.

Oh dear! It looks like Hook may have one more nefarious deed to commit before Rumpel carries out that threat to crush his pirate heart.

Meanwhile Elsa, also ignorant of events in Arendelle until now, feels a sudden urgency about returning to her kingdom when Anna explains what Hans and his brothers have been up to there.

It looks like the Fall finale will be a revelation for just about everyone.

Catch Once Upon a Time’s “Heroes and Villains” Sunday Dec. 14 on ABC.



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