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Finale Scoop From Fargo’s Molly & Gus (AKA Allison Tolman & Colin Hanks)

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

With Fargo’s season finale less than a week away, ScreenSpy hopped on the phone with series stars Allison Tolman (Molly Solverson) and Colin Hanks (Gus Grimly) yesterday. Under discussion, that time-jump, Molly’s long-overdue recognition, a shot at redemption for Gus and where the finale may take Molly, Gus and the series as a whole.

Catch highlights from our call below.

On the time jump and fans missing out on seeing the initial stages of Gus and Molly’s romantic relationship 

Allison: We both thought that getting past that kind of bumbling stage for both of them [was key]. We stayed in that stage for just long enough, and getting to skip past courtship was kind of cool actually.  It missed how painful that probably would have been between these two sort of awkward people.  So, I didn’t miss it.  I don’t think Colin did either.

Colin: No, I didn’t. I thought that A, it was a fantastic choice on Noah’s [Hawley] part, and B, I think that the way that the characters interacted obviously everyone was very much rooting for Gus and Molly to get together, so I thought it was a nice twist to let that be the sort of courtship that the audience sees because the audience can put everything else together, and they can imagine how the logging festival went and so forth.  I thought it was really cool and it was nice to be able to just jump to the good stuff, so to speak.


(L-R) Jordan Peele as Agent Pepper, Keegan-Michael Key as Agent Budge, Bob Odenkirk as Bill Oswalt, Allison Tolman as Molly Solverson -- CR: Chris Large/FX

(L-R) Jordan Peele as Agent Pepper, Keegan-Michael Key as Agent Budge, Bob Odenkirk as Bill Oswalt, Allison Tolman as Molly Solverson — CR: Chris Large/FX


On Molly Finally gaining recognition by the FBI for her efforts in solving the Bemidji murders

Allison: It’s so funny. I knew reading that scene how important it was, but it didn’t really occur to me until I got to set what a big deal that was, what a pivotal scene it was, I mean until I got on set with Keegan and Jordan and they were both like “We’re so excited we get to play this scene, we’re so excited we get to be the ones who finally give her some recognition!” I was like, “I guess you’re right, this is really—this is a big deal, and it’s a long time coming.”  So, that kind of drove it home and that made that scene really fun to play.

And we premiered that episode at a festival in Austin this past weekend, and so, we watched the episode in a big theatre full of people and in that moment in the diner when they start to kind of finally — she realizes that someone is going to finally listen to her, this huge cheer came up in the theatre, and I was like “Oh, that’s so cool!”  People have been sort of suffering with Molly for this whole time, and getting to see her have that breakthrough was like so cathartic for all the fans.  It was really neat.


Gus has suffered multiple failures while working the beat, including permitting Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) to go free, and accidentally shooting Molly. After the time jump, we see Gus working as a mailman. Will the finale bring a chance for him to redeem himself or experience a hero moment in some way? 

Colin: You mean within the next week?  Possibly.  That’s me trying to be as coy as possible!

When I saw it [Gus delivering mail]  I just started laughing hysterically.  That Fargo score comes up to here is Gus delivering the mail in the most dramatic fashion possible.  I thought it was really great. [laughing]


Pictured: Colin Hanks as Gus Grimly -- CR: Chris Large/FX

Pictured: Colin Hanks as Gus Grimly — CR: Chris Large/FX


What can fans expect from the finale next Tuesday?

Allison: I hope that fans will feel like the ending is satisfying and makes sense but also that they didn’t see it coming. I think that’s always kind of the goal.  I don’t want it to feel like that they knew this is how it was going to end up, but I don’t want them to feel like they were left hanging at all.

The finale grew on me the more we filmed it.  When I read the final episode, I didn’t like it as much as I like it now, and after we got to play it and after we kind of put all the pieces together, the more right it felt.  Now, I really love it.  I think that all the ends are tied up properly and everything is where it should be.

Without spoiling anything for anybody, Molly is super pregnant, and you can obviously tell that this is going to come down to some final showdown of one kind or another in the finale.  So, we do get the satisfaction of that, but Molly’s extreme pregnancy is I think also a huge hurdle for her, and then also, not just Gus but also her dad, there’s a lot of people who are really worried about her involvement and not just her involvement but her determination to see this thing through to the end.

 (L-R) Allison Tolman as Molly Solverson, Bob Odenkirk as Bill Oswalt -- CR: Chris Large/FX

(L-R) Allison Tolman as Molly Solverson, Bob Odenkirk as Bill Oswalt — CR: Chris Large/FX


Allison: That was interesting to play, and for me, as an actress, it was difficult for me to kind of like come to grips with it after spending all of these months with Molly pursuing and pursuing and pursuing to kind of come to grips with the fact that she now had these limitations both physically and also just with obligations to the people around her, but I feel that—ultimately, I feel like the series ends up the way that it’s supposed to and everyone ends up happy and fulfilled in the ways that they’re supposed to be.

Colin: I feel the same way.  Obviously, you spend quite a bit of time sort of working towards a goal, and we all came in knowing that there would be a beginning, middle and an end to this, and so, you sort of build it up and in your mind when you’re working on it.  Keep in mind we worked on this for five, six months, so a little bit longer than those watching, but the more we shot it, the more we filmed it, I really think that it comes to a pretty great conclusion that I hope is satisfying to the viewers; that’s always the hope and you don’t want to alienate them, that’s for sure.

The final episode of Fargo airs next Tuesday, June 17 at 10 p.m. on FX.


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