Emily Faces Off Against Victoria & Lydia in New Images From Revenge’s “Surrender”

After the recent shock reveal that Lydia (Amber Valletta) lives, it looks like Revenge is gearing up for a face off between Conrad’s old flame and a certain Ms Emily Thorne.

However those hoping for a second shock revelation (ok, me!) involving Victoria’s ex-bodyguard Frank also cheating death may have to wait awhile as this particular Revenge alum recently landed a role in the upcoming 50 Shades movie as Christian Grey’s driver.

Check out the latest images from the show’s upcoming  Dec. 8 episode “Surrender” below. It looks like Lydia is so happy to see Emily that she can’t help but sweep her off her feet. Literally.

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While not exactly revenge for being thrown off a roof onto a taxi cab, or being almost blown to pieces in a plane, we imagine Lydia may have to find her little moments where she can. For now.

According to the Network, “Surrender” sees Emily putting the finishing touches on her final takedown, which in case you need reminding involves framing Victoria for her staged murder. What goes around, comes around, Vicky!

We have a sneaky feeling Lydia and Victoria may team up to throw a spectacular spanner in those particular works.