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Five Things To Love About The New Season Of Fringe

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

Five Things To Love About The New Season Of Fringe

If you’re a diehard Fringe nut like us, then you probably already knew that season four (which premiered on Fox on Friday night) would turn all your expectations on their heads.  From the new amber-colored opening credit sequence to life without Peter, the show continues to smell fresh even entering its fourth year.

There was much to get excited about in the season opener, from the uneasy truce between both universes to the Peter-sized problem the Observers are now experiencing.  It was hard to pin down just five things that made us love the show even more, but after some whittling, here’s our list:


1. Lincoln Lee As a Nerd

We’ve been so used to seeing Lincoln Lee, played by Seth Gabel, as a bit of a tough guy in the alternate universe, that his mild-mannered, uptight and bespectacled alter-ego is almost like looking at a different character, which in some ways, he is. In the alternate universe Lincoln fell in love with Fauxlivia. On Friday, we saw Lee drawn into the Fringe division after his partner (played all too briefly by by Stargate‘s Joe Flanigan) is murdered by shape-shifters. Will Lee fall in love with our Olivia, or will he find himself drawn to her nemesis, just like his alternate self? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out.

Lincoln Rocks a New Look as a Nerd

2. Anna Torv’s Ability to Wind Back The Clock On Olivia’s Personality

We love Anna Torv and we love Olivia. Over the last three seasons we’ve seen Olivia’s frosty demeanor gradually thaw in the warmth of trust and love.  We watched her struggle and eventually overcome the memories and events of her childhood. We even got angry right along with her when Fauxlivia assumed her identity and threatened to take it all away.  By the end of season three, Olivia was stronger (and paradoxically softer) and ultimately more human than she had ever been on the course of the show.  Cue season four and suddenly Olivia, without Peter, has been reset.

Olivia Gives Lee the Cold Shoulder

3. The Way Peter’s Absence Leaves A Great Big Emotional Hole

Despite some eerie flickerings, the first batch of episodes of the new season are shaping up to be Peterless.  And it’s not just the audience who misses him; the team does too.  Walter’s lab is strangely quiet.  Astrid and Olivia are acting independently, with a lab-bound Walter directing the shots via video. There is a soulless vibe to the Fringe division and a tangible sense that something is missing.  Come back Peter!

Astrid in the field

4. Walter’s Disintegration

Walter’s always been ‘out there’ but without Peter to ground him, he’s off the rails.  Afraid to leave his lab and given to fits of fear and galloping paranoia, Walter is the epitome of a lost little boy this season.

Walter: Lost Without Peter

5. Fauxlivia

Fauxlivia, Altlivia Bolivia, whatever you’ve been calling her, Olivia’s colorful alter-ego from ‘over there’ certainly knows how to make her presence felt. She started out as a rather two-dimensional foil but ended up with a season-arc all to herself which pretty much upstaged what was happening in Olivia’s life.  And let’s face it.  That’s what she’s good at.  If you love ‘the other Olivia’ then rejoice because season four has her in it!


Fauxlivia: Always Entertaining


Catch Fringe on Fox on Friday night, 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT.


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