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The Destroyer Hits Portland in Grimm’s Penultimate Episode

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago

If every episode of TV showed the same level of love and attention that has gone into these final two episodes of NBC’s Grimm we’d probably never leave the house again.

As it is, we have to accept our lot and move on. Our favorite genre series (David Giuntoli gave us one of our very first interviews back when ScreenSpy Magazine was just launching as Chevron One so this show will always have a special place in our hearts) may be coming to an end in just over a week but we’ll cherish the memories forever.

When we last checked in on the gang, Nick and Eve were trapped in WesenWorld, and about to face off against Zerstorer the Destroyer (wait, does that mean he’s called Destroyer the Destroyer?). Friday’s episode picks up on that action, but also reveals Zerstorer’s true intent. He may have more on his mind than a child bride, FYI.

We’ve seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have prepped a number of tidbits and teasers for you below. As always, we try our best to avoid outright spoilers and plot point reveals that would ruin your experience on the night (there are quite a few major things happening this week too). Having said that, we urge caution anyway. Just to be safe. You know how these things are.

Real Time With Nick Burkhardt

In a nice touch, Friday’s episode of Grimm is set on March 24, which also happens to be the exact date of the prophesy foretold on/by the cloth. You know what this means, right? Lock your doors and windows and lock up your daughters. Grimm is happening in real time and Zerstorer is coming Friday night!

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