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Haven’s Lucas Bryant Talks Nathan’s Dark Place, Audrey’s Return, New Troubles & More

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Haven returns for a fourth season on Friday September 13th on Syfy.

Fans have had quite some time to chew over events from the third season finale which saw Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) disappearing into that barn – only to fail to reemerge.

In the season four premiere “Fallout” fans will learn what happened to Audrey, Nathan and Duke in the six months following the catastrophe which seems to have all but erased the Audrey we knew and loved.

This week ScreenSpy and assembled press had the opportunity to quiz Haven star Lucas Bryant on the season ahead.

Byrant was quick to tell us that in the six months since the event, Nathan has all but fallen to pieces – a process he describes as “a really cool turn” for his character.

“Nathan has always been a little bit too sure of himself,” Bryant explains. “I mean sure, he’s always had doubts, but he had this kind of blind trust in himself, and Audrey, and that as you saw at the end of Season 3 led to a disastrous outcome. So getting to explore that ruined side of him was a lot of fun. Continuing through Season 4 he has a new mission, but it is a lot darker, and that was a lot of fun.”

Does this mean Nathan will remain in this dark (and bearded) place indefinitely? No, says the actor. However those happier moments may be thin on the ground for now. “There are some happy moments definitely for Nathan, but sadly, they seem to be fleeting,” he admits. “Well you know that’s just the way it has got to go. When things start looking too good, you have to just smash it all to pieces, right?”

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“In the first half of the season, Nathan’s outlook is pretty bleak, pretty dark. We learn in that opening episode what he has decided he needs to do, and the deal that’s made about his … short future,” teases Bryant. “Things aren’t looking too good there, but I will tell you that there may be very exciting lights at the end of that dark tunnel.”

Bryant remains unspecific about what manner of “deal” might culminate in that short future, although he expresses optimism about the storyline. “I’m sure fans will probably be pretty into what develops midway through the season. Specifically for me I guess, a couple of episodes ago I got to play a wildly different version of Nathan. Something happens in town that’s – how do I put this? That shakes up everyone’s reality. I got to explore a very different side of [Nathan] which was a blast. A much less reserved and much more effusive side of Nathan that I certainly didn’t see coming!”

Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos -- (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)

Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wuornos — (Photo by: Michael Tompkins/Syfy)

One question Haven fans have been clamouring for answers on regards Audrey. Is the woman we knew lost forever? Bryant confirms that the season ahead will see a new version of Audrey – Lexie DeWitt – who shares as an unusual connection to a mysterious man, played by Eureka vet Colin Ferguson.

“Colin is fantastic,” says Bryant. “His character brings out a lot of emotions in Nathan. Let’s just say that. And Colin is such a charming guy and the character that he plays is such a … well I can’t really say that either can I? Man, how do you even answer any of these questions?” he laughs. “He is a whole dynamic that he brought to the show.  He’s a blast to work with because he’s got a great sense of humor and he is a total pro.”

“There is a slow unraveling of [Lexie’s] personality,” hints Bryant on this new Audrey. “The Audrey we knew does make an appearance this season. How, or why, or when I guess I can’t really tell you that, but she is not altogether lost.”

Bryant admits his wariness in sharing outright spoilers to a hungry press room. “Let’s just say she does make it back to Haven and let’s just say – hypothetically – that there is a reunion of sorts? Well you know she has changed. So as far as Nathan is concerned, she looks like this person she was and seems like the person she was, but it’s pretty quickly clear that she is not, so that’s troubling for him and difficult. And this new side of her character is wildly different from Audrey Parker, so that is a challenge. She is much more sassy and outspoken and tough and Nathan has (I hope) kind of a humorous and challenging relationship with her.”

Relationships aside, what manner of troubles can fans expect this season?

“There is an episode coming up that has babies in it,” jokes Bryant. “Babies are horrifying! And also … kids! Kids are terrifying too. No but seriously – the kids themselves may not be terrifying and the babies themselves may not be terrifying, but when you put kids and babies in these terrible situations, that seems to raise the horror element for me anyway. That gets me every time.”

Also on the agenda are “some neat and weird clawed forest creatures,” according to Bryant. “There are more claws. Definitely a lot more claws. There are more claws coming in later too, and big teeth. One of [the troubles] that was not actually so much a terrifying trouble, but which was a lot of fun for me was [a trouble] that effects everyone’s reality, so each of our characters were altered considerably and we got to play really wild versions of ourselves. That was a lot of fun for me and for Duke especially,” he laughs.

Haven returns to Syfy on Friday September 13th at 10/9c.

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