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HEROES REBORN “11:53 to Odessa” is the Perfect Character Development Storm

BY Abbey White

Published 6 years ago

“11:53 to Odessa” serves not only as a glob of plot line glue for Heroes Reborn, but as one of the season’s best written, acted and emotionally invested episodes.

Almost every plot line gets attention this week, while characters big and small receive some much needed development. Carlos and Ferrah are allowed to be considered an item, as their storylines converge with that of Taylor and the Hero Truthers.

Tommy gets to spend some time with Erica in the future and the two appear to build a relationship of trust. But when Miko gets the chance to steal Tommy’s trust away, she literally jumps on it.

Finally, Malina and Noah begin their journey, followed closely and uncomfortably by Luke — a character Noah wants nothing to do with. But when granddad disappears, Luke may be the only one who can help her.

A Storm Is Coming

Noah and Malina begin their search for Tommy/Nathan, but Luke impedes before they can really get started. The newly self-accepting EVO now wants to journey with the world-saving family and help locate Tommy. Problem is, Malina now knows his connection to Joanne, and would rather he not. Noah, sensing the tension, keeps Luke at a distance, turning his help down multiple times before getting pretty blunt about leaving them alone. Everyone wants a piece of the world savers, you know?

Of course, Luke ignores this and follows the Bennetts on their cross-country trip. Noah eventually confronts Luke at a gas station, and the latter spills his guts as to why he feels so connected to her — and how he knows about Tommy. Noah listens, but ultimately gives him the cold shoulder again. That’s where we seemingly lose Luke until Malina uses her powers to stop a major oncoming storm and Noah is nowhere in sight to help get her safely away from angry (and ungrateful) evo-hating mob.

Matt is seemingly an even bigger player in Erica’s plan now after capturing Ferrah and trapping her in his creepy EVO mind-warping center. He’s been working on her, but it’s easy to tell he doesn’t know much about her or her past — other than the surface details. Otherwise, he would have known that Carlos was the “key” to getting her to comply. He does eventually figure it out though and the result forces Carlos to step up and return a favor to Ferrah. After knocking out a couple of guards to get to her, the two of them attempt to break free.

They run into Taylor, who has made her way to the facility with the Hero Truthers. They are there to find Micah, an old favorite we are eventually able to glimpse. After one of the truthers uses their powers to appear as Erica, he and Taylor are able to break in. Their search for Micah is largely unsuccessful though — even after tasering Matt — and Taylor loses a comrade to Erica’s henchman. Fate must be in her corner, however, as she ends up running into a fleeing Carlos and Ferrah, both of whom help her get out. Get out to where becomes the real question though, when they and the rest of the Hero Truthers come face to face with a giant group of Erica’s henchman.

Elsewhere, Tommy is trapped with Erica who is eager to woo him to her side. Tommy pretty much shoots her advances down, making us all sigh with relief, before asking to at least see what her plans are. The last thing anyone wants is Tommy on her side, but he isn’t gullible nor is he weak. He approaches working with her hesitantly, allowing her to show him the post-apocalyptic world. She tells him that this is a result of his and Malina’s inability to save the world, and it’s hard to make out how Tommy feels. That is until he rather bluntly agrees to help her in exchange for saving his family and friends. It’s not a very Claire Bennett thing to do, making us wonder which of Claire’s traits her children picked up on.

Meanwhile, Miko is in the future and manages to find her father, Otomo. Unfortunately, Erica has gotten to him and he ends up alerting the facility that Miko is there. Forced to move on without him, Miko does what she does best — adventure on — and towards the end of the episode we discover Miko has not left Erica’s facility. Instead she is literally waiting in the wings for the chance to save Tommy. When the moment is right, the warrior jumps on it and she and Tommy disappear, leaving Erica in the future.

Miko wasn’t the only one looking for her father though. Ren has been steadily searching for her and in the process is led to an incarnation of Otomo, who encourages him to find a time traveler and get to the future in order to help save her. As luck would have it, as Ren sits on the city streets holding a necklace Otomo gave him, an 11:53 bus to Odessa pulls up and this show’s “conveniences” rear their funny, but forgivable head.

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