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Heroes Reborn Reveals the Butterfly in “Sundae, Bloody Sunday”

BY Abbey White

Published 6 years ago

“Sundae, Bloody Sunday” offered a strong follow up to Heroes Reborn’s two week game changer.

The episode’s events helped keep the action wheels turning, more effectively threading together the show’s various plots. While it hasn’t become entirely clear what the ultimate game plan for the series is, viewers could at least reasonably see where things might be heading thanks to some key moves by the series’ bad guys, as well as some shocking reveals.

So what might that future look like? Well, per the episode it could include a possible reunion between Tommy and Malina, a not so desolate future per Miko, a chance at saving Carlos’ nephew, and an appearance by Micah.

Unfortunately, there are some hurdles our heroes have to get through in order for this to happen. But for the first time in several weeks, this episode made it feel as if things are legitimately coming together.

Finding Your Purpose, Finding Your Power

Carlos and Tommy/Nathan’s storylines drive this week’s episode, as one gets closer to finding the key to ending the larger battle, while the other gets closer to unlocking his full EVO potential. Meanwhile, Luke and Joanne have a hot and cold reunion, Malina’s search for her brother takes an interesting turn, and Erica’s plans are interrupted by an unlikely betrayal.

After last week’s revelations, Tommy — and the audience — is allowed a few moments to wrap his head around everything that’s been revealed. He uses part of that time to do what any teenage boy with transporting powers and a girlfriend might. Yeah, he goes to Paris. Of course, the escape from reality doesn’t last long. With Quentin on his heels and Joanne making an unexpected appearance, Tommy’s wild emotional roller-coaster finds him unearthing a new aspect of Hiro’s abilities: the power to stop time.

It happens just in the nick of time, too, as Joanne is two seconds from putting a bullet in Emily. With her husband a newly out EVO and the pain of her dead son still driving her, she turns to hurting Tommy and Emily. Casper, with his watchful ways, also happens to be present, but unlike Reborn’s new “cheerleader” and his girlfriend, Casper doesn’t make it out alive. The stakes of the fight get so high that an overwhelmed Tommy stops time in the midst of the altercation, whisking Emily away — but not before getting a glimpse at a girl who we know to be his sister, Malina.

Tommy lands himself and Emily at the hospital where his mother is staying. After a failed attempt at jumping, Noah catches on to what is happening. The power that was present on the day of the Odessa bombing has made its way to the hospital and now Tommy and he must get out before he’s captured. Unfortunately, dark cloud has some help in capturing Tommy. Her brother, Quentin reveals himself as a traitor to Noah and a servant to Erica’s cause before walking off with Claire’s son.

Meanwhile, Carlos — in an attempt to find his nephew — stumbles into a facility where EVO’s are willingly residing. Or at least it appears that way on the surface. With the help of his EVO-catching (but also self-hating) friend-of-convenience, Carlos is able to break into the facility and begins his search for the boy.

That comes to a quick end, however, when he discovers his nephew and his Catholic priest are unwilling to go with him. Declaring he will come back for them, he evades a set of guards, but only sets himself up for a trap. He calls to his not-so-friend for assistance, but unfortunately he’s been captured by the facility’s president and has met his untimely demise at the hand the director. It’s a demise Carlos may meet as well when we learn that Matt is the mastermind behind the facility.

Elsewhere, Joanne and Luke have run off to who knows where after nearly destroying the ice cream parlor Emily works at. Miko, almost 8,000 years in the future, may have also given viewers a post-apocalypse ray of hope.

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