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Heroes Reborn Reveals the Butterfly in “Sundae, Bloody Sunday”

BY Abbey White

Published 6 years ago

“Sundae, Bloody Sunday” offered a strong follow up to Heroes Reborn’s two week game changer.

The episode’s events helped keep the action wheels turning, more effectively threading together the show’s various plots. While it hasn’t become entirely clear what the ultimate game plan for the series is, viewers could at least reasonably see where things might be heading thanks to some key moves by the series’ bad guys, as well as some shocking reveals.

So what might that future look like? Well, per the episode it could include a possible reunion between Tommy and Malina, a not so desolate future per Miko, a chance at saving Carlos’ nephew, and an appearance by Micah.

Unfortunately, there are some hurdles our heroes have to get through in order for this to happen. But for the first time in several weeks, this episode made it feel as if things are legitimately coming together.

The Butterfly

After weeks with the larger narrative vaguely tying together the story’s various characters, this episode saw a fusion of stakes that put Heroes Reborn back on the right path.

“Sundae, Bloody Sunday” was the continuation of this new, 100% more fleshed and more coherent story. After some of the series’ early bumps, it’s good to know that the writers understand that only a certain level of mystery keeps things interesting. Shrouding your entire story in it, however, makes it difficult for viewers to connect and care about what’s happening.

This removal of the veil has also increased viewer stakes as we now know the danger many of our characters are in. Carlos is trapped by Matt’s hand, which could ultimately spell his own demise with the flick of a tongue. He is, however, still in the facility and if he can find a way to get out of Matt’s spell, he might be able to save the day. Noah has lost one grandchild — perhaps the most important one as of now — and is without some of his most trusted confidants. Unfortunately it is looking like he’ll be going at this alone, which doesn’t smell of victory. Noah, whether he would admit it or not, is better at leading teams to victory, not scoring them himself.

As for Tommy, it would be an understatement to say Tommy’s capture was infuriating. With everything Noah has done and with all the knowledge he has — not to mention his greatest attribute being his ability to act when necessary — it was certainly hair pulling watching him let his own grandson (and world saver) get caught by Quentin and a version of the Voltori’s Alec. In fact, it was disappointing. Noah did identify Quentin as the buttefly Hiro mentioned, but with Tommy’s powers incapacitated, that knowledge does very little for anyone right now. The one high point of this entire sequence of events is that it ultimately brings Noah and Malina together.

It’s certainly a shame to see Casper gone. He was a calm in the Reborn storm. And while his death is a sad one, there appears to be another character that isn’t so dead after all. We know and love him as The Haitian, and he now has Taylor and many of her mother’s important secrets. Their goal is to get Micah out of Erica’s grasp and Taylor seems like a pretty good way of helping them do just that. What’s interesting is that the connections Noah has lost are reborn in his relationship with The Haitian. If The Haitian and resistance can get to Micah, they may also be able to get to Tommy. Alright, alright, alright.

Overall, the episode was a fun and strong follow up to the last two episodes. It seems as if Reborn does have an interesting story to tell, and — unlike the way the first half of the season rolled out — it’s not the same one as Heroes. And with that, the confidence that maybe they will get it right this time returns.

Heroes Reborn continues Thursdays on NBC.

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