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Hot in January: A Roundup of TV’s New & Returning Shows (week 2)

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 10 years ago

What’s new on TV this season? When’s my favorite show returning?  Has the time slot changed? What am I missing if I watch this show instead? Relax, we’ve got it covered. Throughout January we’ll continue our rundown of essential TV, highlighting all the new and returning shows and events such as The People’s Choice Awards and Golden Globes.

Check out the week ahead below and don’t forget to come back next Sunday for week 3 in full.


Sunday, January 8th – Once Upon A Time, The Firm, Downton Abbey,

It’s a big night of new and returning shows for Showtime. The channel kicks off with the season 2 premiere of Shameless at 9pm EST, followed by the series premiere of House of Lies at 10 and the season 5 premiere of  Californication at 10:30pm.

Meanwhile PBS airs the season 2 premiere of Downton Abbey at 9pm, and NBC gives audiences a taste of The Firm with a special series preview at 9. (The actual series premiere is January 12th.)

Fox continues its lines up of comedy with The Simpsons at 8, The Cleveland Show at 8.30, Family Guy at 9 and American Dad at 9.30.

ABC has a busy lineup today which includes the return of Once Upon a Time at 8, Desperate Housewives at 9, and Pan AM at 10.

Catch a sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time below


Monday January 9th – Castle

Castle returns to ABC after its winter hiatus with episode 11 ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ at 10 pm.

When a lothario is killed, Castle and Beckett suspect that the victim's mysterious double life holds the key to his murder. Image © ABC


Tuesday January 10th – The Game

The Game, the hit show that follows the lives of professional football players and their significant others, returns for season 5 on BET at 10P/9C.

Catch a sneak peek below.


Wednesday January 11th – People’s Choice Awards, One Tree Hill, Face Off, Are You There Chelsea?

The CW starts the final season premiere of One Tree Hill at 8 today, while NBC sees Whitney make a return at 8, followed by Are You There Chelsea at 8.30.

Face Off begins its season 2 run over on Syfy at 10 pm EST, while the People’s Choice Awards hits CBS at 9.


The People's Choice Awards: Who got your vote?



Thursday January 12th – 30 Rock, Rob, Bones, The Finder, The Firm

The ever popular 30 Rock returns to NBC today at 8pm EST, while the series premiere of Rob airs on CBS at 8.30.

Bones airs its winter finale at 8 on Fox, and sees spin-off  show The Finder start its freshman run at 9.

Fans of Person of Interest on CBS will be pleased to know the show returns from its hiatus today with episode 11, Super, at 9.

The Firm also starts today in its regular time slot of 10 pm on NBC.

The Finder kicks off with 'An Orphan Walks into a Bar'



Friday January 13th – Grimm, Fringe

Grimm returns to NBC at 9 with episode 8, Game Ogre, while over on Fox, Fringe returns at 9 with Back to Where You’ve Never Been.

It's doubles trouble for Seth Gabel's Lincoln Lee on Fringe at 9

We’ll be back next Sunday January 15 for another rundown of January’s returning and newest shows. Don’t miss it.

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