Images: Supernatural Episode 8.12 “As Time Goes By”

First look images from Supernatural’s January 30th episode “As Time Goes By” were released today by the CW.

Dean and Sam get to meet their grandfather, but because this is a CW show, Gramps (guest star Gil McKinney) is just as hot as the rest of the cast.

It appears that Grandpa Henry Winchester has time-traveled in order to to thwart a demon named Abbadon (SGU’s Alaina Huffman), so when a mysterious man suddenly materializes in their hotel bedroom claiming to be their grandfather and demanding to know where he can find John Winchester, the boys are intrigued.

As the trio team up to search for Abbadon, Dean and Dam learn a lot more about their father and the Winchester blood line.

Check out these first look images from “As Time Goes By” below, and catch the episode Wednesday January 30th on the CW.