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In This Together: 5 Things to Know About Mistresses July 1st Episode

BY Abbey White

Published 9 years ago

The Mistresses women have some choices to make in Monday’s “Decisions, Decisions,” and this time they aren’t making them alone.

Savi’s pregnancy isn’t going away, much like her looming infidelity. To make it worse, Harry hops back on the pregnancy train. Life takes an interesting turn for Joss when she dips her entire body in the friendship pool with Alex, but her relationship outlook may not be ready for what’s to come.

April’s daughter gets caught playing hooky to attend a Selena Gomez concert with some of her school friends, putting Richard back in the picture. Meanwhile, Karen has been selected to be the keynote speaker at a prestigious medical symposium, but doesn’t have long to bask in the glory when the insurance investigator reappears.

If the promo for Monday’s episode wasn’t exciting enough, here are a few things to prepare you for “Decisions, Decisions” steamy goodness.

1. Metal Babies

Savi still refuses to reveal her pregnancy to Harry until after she receives the results of her paternity test. he may or may not have a choice though when Harry notices a change in her. Taking hints from some other changes in her routine, Harry does his own research and stumbles upon what he thinks is the answer.

2. Affected By You

In this episode Dominic seemingly moves from Savi onto another woman at the law firm. But Savi catches him off guard when she starts exhibiting jealous behavior. Dominic has never been one to shy away and when he confronts her, Savi reveals that she is jealous. However, it may not be of who you think. We also learn that Savi isn’t the only one keeping quiet about their feelings.

3. Sexual Orientation

For those wondering whether anything is actually happening between Alex and Joss romantically, the episode gives you a semi-straight answer. Early on Alex makes a final decision about her 5 year relationship and the choice has Joss excited for her. She’ll also be excited by her when Alex decides to do some dancing in the shower…

4. Developing Investigation

Karen’s tagline should be “Good grief,” thought and said exactly in Charlie Brown’s voice. The insurance investigator is back and he’s got bad news. There’s been a major change in Tom’s case which not only puts Karen on the first string defensive, but brings Elizabeth Grey back into the equation. If you thought the Grey’s had already asked enough of Karen, Tom’s wife would beg to differ.

5. Goody Two-Shoes

April’s the most tightly wound of the bunch, but lucky for her she’s got a daughter wiser than people 5 times her age. With her daughter’s unintentional advice and Richard’s assistance, April relieves some of the stress that’s been building up since Paul’s mistress came to town. It’s been long overdue, too.

Watch Mistresses for its best episode yet Monday July 1st at 10:01-11:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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