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Kirkman’s First Ever TV Interview Goes Horribly Wrong on ABC’s DESIGNATED SURVIVOR

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago


Conscientious, humble and in-over-his-head Tom Kirkman may just be our favorite US president ever. Plus the fact he’s fictional (and therefore untouchable), and played by Kiefer Sutherland on ABC’s new prime-time drama Designated Survivor, makes him darned near perfect.

But it seems the (fictional, natch) general public — and the media — might not share our insider’s view of the former secretary for Housing and Urban Development.

When we first met Kirkman he was pushing hard for housing reform, a goal which ultimately served not only to save his life but propel him into the Oval Office overnight.

Tom’s pushiness was starting to get under the President’s skin, so much so that POTUS banished him to sit out the State of the Union as a ‘designated survivor’ — the person next in line to take the presidential reins should something terrible happen to all the elected officials if they were gathered in one place at the same time — and it was here, in an undisclosed location, some miles from the Capitol building that Tom and his wife Alex (Natascha McElhone) sat out the terrorist bomb explosion that claimed the life of the President and just about everyone else.

But was there more to the President’s snub than just relegating Kirkman to the sidelines that fateful night? Was the President about to fire Tom in favor of someone with ideals more aligned to his own? It’s certainly been hinted that may be the case. We know Tom was considering a new job offer and a move to Toronto the day before the catastrophic attack that claimed so many lives at the Capitol. But what if the President actually went ahead and fired Tom, without his knowledge? Wouldn’t that mean technically he shouldn’t be president now?

And what if that information were somehow to be leaked to the press on the eve of Tom Kirkman’s first ever TV interview with ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas?

Watch as an initially composed Kirkman feels the interview begin to take a sudden detour in our sneak peek preview from tonight’s episode below.

Was Tom really fired? Is he a legally fit Prez? Who leaked the details of his firing, and what does he/she stand to benefit from the fall out?

It’s confession time on tonight’s Designated Survivor.

The “The Confession” episode of Designated Survivor airs Wednesday Oct. 5 on ABC.

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