LUCIFER Fans Can Expect Double Trouble as New Season 5 Details Drop

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis as Lucifer. Photo Credit: FOX

Lucifer fans can expect to get a little more than they bargained for when the series returns to Netflix on August 21.

A new full length teaser for the upcoming Season 5A drops a major plot line in the form of (spoilers ahead) yet another sibling, namely Michael, who has made Los Angeles his home in his brother’s stead.

As you may recall Lucifer returned to hell in order to protect both Chloe and the world in last season’s finale. However when Michael turns up breezily claiming to be Lucifer, once again bored with life in hell, his friends and family kinda just roll with it. (In fairness, it’s not their first rodeo.)

Not content to look, talk, and act like Lucifer (well, they are identical twins, after all) Michael is determined to take everything his ungrateful brother ever owned, or cared about. 

Um, won’t Chloe see through this imposter straight away? Apparently not. Even Amenadiel thinks Michael is the real deal.

Catch the full trailer below.

Lucifer Season 5 drops on Netflix on Friday, August 21, 2020.

The series has already been renewed for a sixth season.

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