MAGNUM OPUS Secures Domestic and International Distributors

Timely conspiracy thriller Magnum Opus, starring Pej Vehat and Adam J. Harrington, has secured domestic and international distributors, it was announced today.

Gravitas Ventures will administer distribution domestically, while Screen Media International will continue to handle international sales, presenting the film to foreign buyers at MIPCOM and AFM.

The film will be also released on VOD and DVD this November.

Gradually uncovering the secrets concealed by Daniel Cliff (Adam J. Harrington, Turn:Washington’s Spies, CSI), a principled Desert Storm vet turned reclusive artist, the film delves into multiple crises of conscience.

Set primarily in Daniel Cliff’s loft, with flashbacks to Desert Storm, the story conveys the unexpected interconnectedness of the main characters. Meanwhile, Cliff’s artistic inspiration, Dante’s “Inferno,” reveals itself in a series of nine charged paintings that link the story thematically to the nine circles of Hell, but also give expression to the artist’s perspective on the people and situations around him. 

Carrying the telling tagline, “Truth, Justice and Other Casualties of War,” Magnum Opus explores of-the-minute political and national security issues, centering on the struggle between liberty and our need to be protected from our enemies. While providing subtle commentary about how the news media influences the perception of factual events, the film makes abundant references to the U.S. government spying on citizens and U.S. officials lying to win an election.

Magnum Opus also features Muslim-American actor Pej Vahdat (Bones) in a lead role portraying American hero and art dealer Sean Dabashi. As an Iranian-American actor whose parents fled Iran for the United States in the late 1970s, Vahdat acknowledges his early career found him typecast in terrorist roles.

He says, “I played these roles and was miserable. Now, I’m lucky enough to say, ‘No,’ to these characters when they’re offered to me. If it was a really good role, I’d consider it—after all, no one says Robert de Niro is a mobster because of his roles. But I’d rather play the smart-guy art dealer in a spy thriller—not the terrorist.”

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Magnum Opus marks the debut of director Kevin Elliott and screenwriter Scott Stoddard.

Newcomer Amanda Upson and TV and film production veteran Marc Newland serve as producers.

Magnum Opus also stars Louise Griffiths as Monica Davenport (Unknown Caller, The Revenant), and Clark Johnson as Robert Cochran (The Wire, Alpha House).