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Meet BBC Sherlock’s Latest Nemesis

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Just when we thought no BBC Sherlock news could eclipse How did he survive the fall? comes juicy new details on season three’s new nemesis. (Ok it doesn’t quite eclipse How did he survive the fall? but at least it comes close.)

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue tweeted the announcement today that actor Lars Mikkelsen (brother of Mads who is currently cooking up a storm, and some people, over on NBC’s Hannibal) has landed the role of Charles Charles Augustus Magnussen. The name is so closely related to Conan Doyle’s creation Charles Augustus Milverton as to suggest this is the next character from Doyle’s works to be given life by the acclaimed BBC series.

“The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton” is one of  13 stories in the cycle collected as The Return of Sherlock Holmes which was published in 1904. Milverton was famously dubbed “The King of the Blackmailers.”

We can expect Magnussen (we’re not sure if this really ought to have been spelled Magnusson) to provide some classic Sherlock sleuthing moments this season.

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