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New Casting Call Drops Details on Neal’s Fate in White Collar

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 10 years ago

Peter may have recommended that Neal be released, but that didn’t stop Agent Kramer and his plans to re-arrest him in the season finale of USA’s White Collar. Now Neal’s fled the country and fans are wondering how this cliffhanger is going to resolve itself in season four.

White Collar Will Return Summer 2012 – But Will Neal?

Thankfully there’s hope for those White Collar Spoilerphiles among us who just can’t wait until Summer to discover Neal’s fate. A recent casting call for the show reveals Collins, a hard battle-worn Internal Affairs agent sent to track down and capture Neal. According to the report, Collins’ fugitive capture rate is almost 100%.

Then there’s Dobbs, an American fugitive that Neal is paying for protection. Dobbs has the local officials in this pocket, including Sheriff Morales.

And finally, there’s Maya, Neal’s new romantic interest – a gorgeous local cafe owner.

With at least episodes clearly set in South America, it looks like Neal is going to have an adventurous start to season four.

Check out the full casting call details below.

WHITE COLLAR, Episode 401/402 (LA Release)
Director: Paul Holahan
Writers: Jeff Eastin, Mark Goffman
Shoot: 3/9-3/30
Location: Destination and New York, NY

[COLLINS] (Male, 30s) Hard, battle worn, an Internal Affairs Agent, sent to track down and capture Neal (Matt Bomer). His fugitive capture rate is close to 100%, and he counts those he brings back dead. Guest star. 2 episodes.

[DOBBS] (Male, 50s) An American who has been a fugitive from the FBI for almost 20 years. Neal (Matt Bomer) is paying him for protection, as he has all the local officials in his pocket. He is known for his monthly lavish parties where he invites those on his payroll. Guest star. 2 episodes.

[MAYA] (Female, 25-30) HISPANIC. Gorgeous, a local cafe owner. She and Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) are romantically involved. Guest star. 2 episodes.

[SHERIFF MORALES] (Male, 40s) HISPANIC. A Sheriff in Dobbs’ pocket, what he says carries weight with the locals. 3 scenes; 1 non-speaking.

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