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New Dramas on FOX This Fall

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Karl Urban

FOX has a strong lineup for Fall 2013 with two new genre shows – the futuristic Almost Human, premiering Monday November 4th and starring Trek’s Karl Urban, and the supernatural Sleepy Hollow, which kicks off on Monday September 16th following the season premiere of Bones.

Then, in Midseason, we can expect Rake, a legal drama with strong comedic notes starring Greg Kinnear, and Gang Related, a gritty new crime thriller set in the Los Angeles underworld.

Full pilot reviews on all of these shows follows below.

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Image © FOX

Image © FOX

If Blade Runner and Fringe had a baby then it would surely be called Almost Human. Coming to FOX this Fall, the show is bursting with genre pedigree from its star Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) to its executive producer JJ Abrams, who is not exactly known for turning out duds.

Set in a dystopian future (2048) that has witnessed science and technology evolving at an uncontrollable pace, the world stands on the brink of chaos as new unknown drugs and weapons flood the streets. The contraband, we are told, is controlled and distributed by violent and faceless criminal organizations such as the sinister Insynidcate, and the crime rate has risen by 400%. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, law enforcers now require all police officers to be partnered with advanced combat-model androids for their own protection.

When Detective John Kennex (Urban) attempts to come to the assistance of a seriously injured colleague while fighting Insyndicate forces, his AI analyses his chances of survival before making the coolly logical decision to abandon him to his fate. What happens next cripples Kennex and leaves his team dead at the scene.[… CONTINUE TO FULL PILOT REVIEW]



Image © FOX

Image © FOX

ScreenSpy sat down recently to screen FOX’s new supernatural Fall drama Sleepy Hollow with two concerns. What is FOX doing with the Sleepy Hollow story that hasn’t already been done before, and is there really enough material in Ichabod Crane and his Headless Horseman tale to span several seasons? We were pleasantly surprised by what we learned.

Set in 2012 in the outwardly sleepy New England town of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) awakes from a 250 year death-sleep to find the world changed. His wife is dead, slavery has been abolished, the American Revolutionary war was won and his Commander George Washington even made it to president. What hasn’t changed however, is the fact that the man Washington specifically sent Crane to kill on the battlefield, is also living (sort of) and still very much out to get him.

But there’s more going on there than just the Sleepy Hollow legend/tale/whatever-you-want-to-call-it in modern day surroundings. The legend serves as a jumping off point for a much larger (and darker) supernatural tale. If witches, demons, time travel and demonic possession are your thing, then this show is going to hook you from its opening moments. [… CONTINUE TO FULL PILOT REVIEW]


Greg Kinnear in Rake. Image © FOX

Greg Kinnear in Rake. Image © FOX

Meet Keegan Dean, a man furiously treading the waters of life as he attempts to keep his head above the rising tide. A once brilliant lawyer, Dean now operates out of a borrowed office, a borrowed car and yesterday’s clothes. His last case saw him defending himself. He might be able to get his act together if he didn’t have all those gambling debts to worry about, not mention a crazed ex who may just be trying to kill him, a debt-collector who likes to beat him up every so often, and the fact that he’s recently fallen in love with a prostitute who wants nothing to do with him.

Rake is a new legal drama coming to FOX this mid-season. Starring the affable and capable Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine, The Kennedys) in his TV series debut as the rakish Keegan Dean, the show comes from Peter Duncan (who created the Australian version), and executive producers Peter Tolan (Rescue MeAnalyze This) and Michael Wimer (2012). [… CONTINUE TO FULL PILOT REVIEW]




Image © FOX

Image © FOX

What’s this? A series advertised as ‘gritty and fast-paced’ that is actually both? Gang Related coming to FOX this Fall from creator/writer Chris Morgan (Wanted, Fast Five), and executive producers Brian Grazer (24, A Beautiful Mind) and Scott Rosenbaum (The Shield) manages to live up to expectations. The series follows Ryan Lopez (Ramon Rodriguez), a rising star in Los Angeles’ Gang Task Force. The team, led by Sam Chapel (Lost alum Terry O’Quinn), is tasked with taking on the city’s most dangerous gangs. However Lopez is hiding a secret which could get both he and his team killed. His true allegiance is not to his team leader Chapel, but Carlos Acosta, a crime lord who ‘adopted’ him as a child following the death of his father. Lopez didn’t join the force to tackle gang crime, but to act as a pair of inside eyes for Acosta and his ever expanding criminal organization. [… CONTINUE TO FULL PILOT REVIEW]



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