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NEW Extended Trailers For Upcoming CW Dramas The Tomorrow People, The Originals, Reign & The 100

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

The CW has released a series of brand new extended trailers for upcoming Fall dramas The 100, The Tomorrow People, Reign and The 100.


THE 100

Three generations after a nuclear war almost destroyed the Earth, a group of 100 juvenile prisoners from the Arc space-station are set loose on the planet below as a test to see if it is habitable. (Of course, this being a CW show only the most beautiful are selected to make the journey.) If  the 100 can manage to survive their harsh new Eden their crimes will be forgiven. However once the group experience a taste of freedom in this strange new world, complying with their instructions from above is the last thing many want to do.

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Like Heroes and Alphas before it, The Tomorrow People explores a world where superpowers exist, and where humanity feels deeply threatened by that notion. Starring Robbie Amell (cousin of Arrow’s Stephen Amell), the series explores the unsettling and often deadly consequences of realizing you are mankind’s next evolutionary step.



In a new and bold step, the CW presents Reign, a period drama centering on the younger life of Mary Queen of Scots and her life in France. Mary has been sent to secure Scotland’s strategic alliance by formalizing her arranged marriage to Prince Francis. Expect political wrangling, affairs of the heart and a dollop of the supernatural with prophesies and visions from Nostradamus himself.



New Orleans, the city Klaus once ruled has fallen under new leadership. Now he wants it back. Vampire Diaries spinoff  “The Originals” comes to the CW this fall.


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