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NOTORIOUS Sneak Peeks “The Perp Walk”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago


Notorious’ second outing presents Jake (Daniel Sunjata) and Julia (Piper Perabo) with a bit of a conundrum as they investigate claims made by Jake’s latest client that her baby was kidnapped.

While Julia is quick to give the grieving woman air time, both she and Jake soon find themselves at odds when new evidence supports the case Jake’s client may in fact be childless.

Was there ever a baby to begin with, or did the young woman do something unspeakable in order to maintain her relationship with a man who professed never to want children?

Meanwhile, following the tragic events of the series premiere, Jake tries to mentally prepare himself for Sarah’s funeral. However, his emotions begin to cloud his ability to defend and protect an out-of-control Oscar from the press.

Could reaching out to Sarah’s brother shed more light on an alleged family argument, and direct everyone to Sarah’s killer?

We’ve got three new sneak peek clips from the episode to share below.

“The Perp Walk” episode of Notorious airs Thursday September 29 on ABC.

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