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ONCE UPON A TIME’s Top 5 Moments

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Meredith Loftus

“Life is made up of moments: good moments, bad moments, but they are all worth fighting for.”

-Prince Charming, 3×10 “The New Neverland”

On March 6th Once Upon A Time returns from its winter hiatus and at the same time hits a milestone. A show based on fairytales in our world has defied the odds and made it to 100 episodes.

However when the series first launched in October 2011, it was quite a different story, with few predicting the success story to be.

“The show premiered against the World Series and football on a Sunday at 8 p.m., which everyone had titled ‘the death slot,'” co-creator Edward Kitsis told THR recently.

“We were predicted to be the first show canceled, so we, of course, believed it.”

Fast forward 5 years and the show, now a global phenomenon, is about to defy the odds again with 100 episodes under its belt.

“It’s the kind of show that can go on for as long as people like it because there are so many characters still left to be explored,” creator Adam Horowitz remarked on the milestone.

There have been many memorable moments from the 99 episodes we’ve seen thus far, but today we are ranking the top 5 moments of the fantastical series that have made the most impact on its global fanbase.

Regina finds her place in the world (4×20, “Mother”)

For much of the series, Regina Mills has struggled to find her happiness.

In the beginning, she thought she could get this through vengeance. Later, she believed it was solely through Henry’s approval of her.

Instead, it’s been the process of forgiveness, goodness, and openness to love that has transformed Regina into a hero.

In this moment, Regina separates herself from her anger at Zelena and does the opposite of what Cora would do. The only person standing in the way of finding her happiness was herself.

Regina’s happy ending is simply feeling like she belongs in the world, a world Robin Hood and Henry happen to be a part of. This moment taps into people’s desire of belonging and acceptance; and it reminds us all that we can find our happy endings.


(ABC/Jack Rowand)

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