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Paternity, Pants & Patchy Pacts: 5 Sneak Peeks at Revenge Episode 2.02 ‘Resurrection’

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

Revenge fans are in for a treat this Sunday as the fallout from the season premiere continues to impact our favorite Hamptonites.

For starters, ‘Resurrection’ sees Fauxmanda in a pickle over that suggested paternity test. It appears Mandy had a mysterious one night stand shortly after she took off all those months ago. There is the slimmest (about 99%) possibility that baby might not be Jack’s. But our favorite tire-iron wielding ex-stripper has the guts to come to Emily for help in fiddling with the test results.

Next up, there’s Emily and Daniel. We feel there’s still a glimmer of humanity left in the eldest Grayson sibling while he refuses to hand over his trust fund to Conrad. There’s also a glimmer of that old romantic connection to Emily when she calls him to let him know Charlotte’s doctor may be doctoring more than Charlotte. Like her drug test results for example. However Charlotte may not want Daniel’s help.

And then there’s our favorite reclusive – and pantless – billionaire Nolan Ross. ‘Resurrection’ will see Nolan’s first encounter with Padma, a financial analyst with a thing for gadgets. Watch how they bond.

Revenge returns on Sunday October 7th on ABC.





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