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Plots and Fates Collide in Heroes Reborn “Send in the Clones”

BY Abbey White

Published 6 years ago

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn has only two episodes left before its season finale, and yet “Send in the Clones” at times made it seem like the series forgot that pertinent point.

The show’s winter return, after a nearly month’s hiatus, saw many of its characters still on the run, while others attempted to finish up their various missions. A handful even managed to generate new missions with only two hours left of series action to spare.

“Send in the Clones” focused mostly on Erica’s plan beginning to crumble as the sun launched its first real attack on Earth in the form of a solar flare.

The chosen siblings each got closer in their own ways to reaching Odessa, while the Sunstone Manor crew attempted to free Micah and the others. Noah doesn’t make his desperately needed reappearance, but Luke does a pretty decent job at handling Erica’s henchman Harris, as well as Quentin and his awful sister.

All in all, the episode felt like filler until it totally didn’t, which continues Heroes Reborn’s streak of development and pacing inconsistency.

The Good Fight

When we last saw our heroes, Katana Girl had helped Tommy time jump out of Erica’s clutches. This week the two have a chat, with Katana/Miko splitting with Tommy to head over to the Manor. Tommy has plans of catching up later, but after he returns to Erica’s clutches and gets his mom back. Except that he doesn’t meet up because Erica sends him to Odessa to help launch part 285 of her plan. The one plus side to this unfortunate derailment is that Tommy’s mother as well as his love interest, Emily, are both safe at the facility.

Meanwhile, at Sunstone Manor Carlos and Farah have an almost kiss in the midst of chaos before effectively freeing the locked up EVOs and finding Jesus. Their plan is to herd all the EVOs to the front of the house and then maybe take on Harris’ clones, but before any of that can happen, Carlos does what the truthers have spent a solid two previous episodes trying to. Carlos frees Micah, and the kid doesn’t look so bad when he’s not hooked up to that power sucking machine like a human vegetable.

So why was Carlos the one to save Micah and not that ragtag band of Truthers? Because before they can, Matt is confronted by ‘The Haitain’ and Taylor. Unable to convince them to join the darkside–and beginning to question whether his family’s ticket to the future is secure–Matt abuses his power to force ‘The Haitian’ to leave (with a bloody face). Taylor is caught and used as bait in exchange for Matt’s ticket to the future.

Outside the Manor Miko has appeared and we finally get the Miko/Harris showdown we have all been waiting for. Miko is, at the time, glitching, which may make her weaker than usual, but that fighting spirit is intact. Just as it looks as if Harris has the upper hand on digital Miko, her body glitches in the perfect place to stab Harris right through to the other side. Miko, our hero, ends Harris’ reign of clone terror.

Somewhere else in the country, Luke and Malina are driving around trying to prepare as much as humanly possible for the big earth-saving moment. Of course, we still don’t quite know where Noah is, and if or when he’ll show back up. But Luke is a decent stand in, especially when Harris, Quentin and Phoebe show up to capture and kill Malina. The latter of course uses the dark side of the force to dampen Malina and Luke’s powers, but in the wise words of Luke, “Can’t stop a glock!”

Lucky for us he’s right and just before Malina gets its by Quentin (Seriously, no redemption arc for this guy please. Just let him wallow in his guilt for the rest of his life), Luke fires Harris (literally) and knocks Phoebe out. The later awakened and tied up Frady siblings are then offered an ultimatum: reveal where Erica is taking Tommy or Phoebe gets it. Of course, spineless Quentin spills the beans.

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