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Ravenswood Premiere Teasers: A Hauntingly Good Time

BY Abbey White

Published 8 years ago

Something creepy this way comes!

Fans of Pretty Little Liars and supernatural teen dramas alike have no doubt heard of (and been eagerly awaiting) new series Ravenswood. Well, the wait is over as Tuesday marks the ABC Family network premiere of this highly anticipated Liars spin-off.

The show centers on Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn), Rosewood resident and Ravenswood newcomer who has found himself curiously connected to Miranda Collins (Nicole Anderson), a foster kid who’s arrived in the small town to reconnect with a surviving family member. Things get weird, however, as the two discover their fates are linked with 3 other teens and the town’s mysterious curse.

Co-Creator Marlene King has said the series possesses a Dark Shadows vibe, but you probably aren’t ready for what this town has up its sleeve. Unnerving on this show doesn’t just mean aggressively escalating music. Ravenswood has some real scare. ScreenSpy got an early look at the pilot and rounded up a few teasers to get you ready for this eerily enticing new drama.

  • The Creepy Is In Overdrive – Ravenswood doesn’t hesitate in playing the horror card. Stone angels cry blood, old ladies speak in cryptic rhymes, non-existent people make their presence known, and birds spend a lot of time hanging around graveyard headstones. Actually, that last one is something the ravens and our main characters have in common.
  • Family Is Complicated – Miranda’s uncle doesn’t only lack good social skills, but the ability (and desire?) to be a decent guardian. Luke and Olivia’s mother has been labeled by the town as a “Black Widow.” Caleb resembles a deceased relative. Remy and her father are deeply entrenched in the town’s history and its dead. Familial relationships and identity are never simple themes, but they are certainly at the heart of the show and its larger mystery.
  • There’s Lots of Small Town Feels – Despite all the mystery and blue-gray filter, Ravenswood’s atmosphere is very “small town.” That means one very exciting thing: romance. It appears to be (or has already been) brewing between several of our main characters. Keeping in mind who this series is coming from, don’t expect uncomplicated. Budding and forbidden love will run amok in this town.
  • What You See Isn’t What You Get – For every secret this town and its inhabitants has, there is twice as much history attached to it. The pilot gives us only a small glimpse, but expect to trust very few and very little of who and what you see.
  • Be Prepared – You definitely do not have to be a fan of Pretty Little Liars to like Ravenswood, but PLL fans looking for something more thrilling should be pleased with this sister series. As for viewers who don’t regularly tune into the ABC Family veteran? You might feel a little disoriented watching the premiere’s initial moments if you miss out on the Liars Halloween special.

Catch the Ravenswood premiere on ABC Family this Tuesday, October 22nd at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Then watch it during its regular time at 8:00 PM ET/PT starting Tuesday, October 29th.

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