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Ravenswood Teasers: “Revival” Wakes The Dead

BY Abbey White

Published 8 years ago

This Tuesday ABC Family’s creeptastic thrill ride Ravenswood is back, and ScreenSpy has a handful of teasers to get you ready for the show’s revealing winter return.

“Revival” sees Caleb bombarded by new info after a short trip to Rosewood. As the group continues to piece together the mystery of the curse, he must also confront what happened with Miranda while on the other side. Remy realizes her sleep walking may be more than just a condition, but something is determined to put a stop to her sleuthing – at any cost.

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Miranda does some snooping of her own and uncovers a chilling truth about Mrs. Grunwald’s relationship with the dead. Meanwhile, Mr. Collins has a run in with the Matheson twins regarding their mother, and Olivia makes a major decision about Dillon.

Check out these five “Revival” teasers, then follow @ScreenSpy on Twitter and ScreenSpy on Facebook for the latest Ravenswood news and scoop.

I. Come On Baby Light My Fire

The last time we saw our fated five they had discovered two corpses, later identified as the parents of Miranda and Caleb’s look-a-like ancestors. Along with those skeletons the teens stumbled upon a trove of clues about the curse. In Tuesday’s episode you’ll watch the gang sifting through what they found and the new details help answer a few “burning” questions.

II. It’s Complicated

Even with all the chaos around them, everyone has found some time for love. One relationship, however, is on the rocks. When we say rocks, we mean the large jagged kind that hang down at the bottom of cliffs. The plus side? You learn early in the episode, so you could say the show rips the band aid pretty quickly.

III. Three Blind Mice

Remy, Olivia and Miranda all take on even more important and active roles in unraveling the Ravenswood curse. Uncovering secrets can be dangerous though. The relative safety of two will remain intact by episode’s end. As for the other…

IV. Counting Crows

Remember those pesky crows hanging about the town early on in the season? They are back and we get to learn what their significance is. In addition to their creep factor, their relevance to the history of the curse is major.

V. The Spotlight Is On

Remy’s curiosity, intellect, and resourcefulness have been a driving force for the group when it comes to unraveling the curse and piecing together the town’s dark history. In this episode you’ll see that all of those traits are key to keeping the other teens alive.

Catch Ravenswood on Tuesday, January 7th at 9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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