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Rediscovering Their Purpose: Ichabod & Abbie (and Jenny) are Back on Sleepy Hollow

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Jennie Bragg

Sleepy Hollow had an eventful hiatus. After the season two finale (easily the season’s best episode), Katrina and Henry were dead, and Moloch and Hawley were long dispatched. Then we learned over the summer that Frank Irving wouldn’t be coming back and that the Headless Horseman, the iconic image of Sleepy Hollow, was sitting on the bench this season. Add to that several new characters, including Betsy Ross, and the season three reboot was clearly going to be pretty major.

So where are our Witnesses now? Well, Ichabod is back in Sleepy Hollow after having, apparently, been gone for nine months. I don’t know why they picked nine months but don’t get excited, he’s not pregnant, and neither is Abbie. But he has returned with something important: an artifact, one that he believes has significance for his and Abbie’s role as witnesses. And Crane misses being a Witness, or at least having some purpose. Abbie, not so much. She’s gone back to the mission she had before she learned she was a Witness – becoming an agent in the FBI. She’s also found herself another mentor: her new boss. He’s a bit gruff but believes in Abbie and provides her guidance, like Corbin did and then Irving after him and…uh oh.

With Moloch and his minions gone, what will Abbie and Ichabod’s new purpose be? Fortunately a new baddie is in town: Pandora. Her past and her plans for Sleepy Hollow are pretty murky still but she’s definitely got some devilish designs. Much like the evil masterminds of seasons one and two, Pandora is able to conjure demons to create terror in town. Once she does, Abbie is forced, reluctantly, back into the fight and her partnership with Ichabod, as he works to discover who the new demon is – and the demon’s weakness. Solving this mystery obviously requires a visit to the Archives, which are now scheduled for demolition – really, really a lot happened in nine months – and Jenny is there and the team is back in business.

Call Backs and Moving Forward

Even though this was mostly about the new Sleepy Hollow, the episode had some nice callbacks to seasons 1 and 2. Ichabod lying on his detention center cot, giving a speech to what looks like no one, was a fun reenactment of the Yolanda scene, a fan favorite. When he finishes, his bunkmate, Jesus, sticks his head out and gives “C-Dog” some wise words: It’s a hard knock life, for us.

Pandora takes the same pathway along the road into town, past the Welcome to Sleepy Hollow sign, that Ichabod and Abbie took. And Abbie does a little breaking and entering again, when she retrieves a satchel with an important message from the Colonial Times restaurant. That setting gave us another Ichabod rant against the bastardization of Colonial history – and how not to wear a tricorn (hint: the corner goes in front, you’re not a pirate).

The show did a feel a bit rushed through all the discussions of What Happened Since Last Season. Nothing to see here, move along folks.

I get that they are making a statement, and it probably worked well for all the viewers worried about whether season 3 would be a repeat of season 2 – not everyone had already watched the 10,000 spoilers and pre-broadcast reviews put up online. But some of the explanations of major changes got short shrift, and the show doesn’t need to be embarrassed about its past.

Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills | Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills | Co. CR: Tina Rowden/FOX

With this reboot, Sleepy Hollow clearly wanted to reintroduce itself as the really fun escape, with the monsters, the supernatural creepiness, a soupcon of twistory, and of course the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod. And Jenny. The season premiere definitely wants you to know Jenny is back. And it succeeded in all that. It remains to be seen whether the show will have some deeper emotional beats in the future, once it’s comfortable we’ve all come back or if the new Sleepy Hollow is aiming just to be a fun action-filled 45 minutes.

But we got to end with Abbie and Ichabod sharing a beer at bar — where Jenny has conveniently gotten a job! – and talking about their place in the world. The tablet Ichabod snuck into the country seems to suggest they have more to do as witnesses. Ichabod gets Abbie to admit they may be facing the second tribulation as prophesied. And Abbie tells Ichabod that he’s not alone in the world as he thinks.

Sleepy Hollow continues Thursdays on FOX.

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