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Restart Your Revengines With Our Revenge Refresher

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

Restart Your Revengines With Our Revenge Refresher

It’s Sunday. Emily Thorne and her pared-down team of Revengers are officially baaaaack!

This season, Ems is fiercer than ever and ready to kick some serious Grayson butt. Revenge’s third season promises a return to the simpler and more determined focus we so dearly loved in season one. And although the complications of season two may be disappearing as quickly as the flip-phone, it behoves Revengers the world over to fully grasp their impact on the lives of our characters as they make significant choices going forward. To that end, we thought a quick review was in order.

To get your Revengine started, let’s see how well you know the players and their parts.


Q: In the history of Revenge, how many people have been privy to Emily’s secret identity and/or her vendetta against the Graysons?

A: As of ‘Truth, Part Two’, we are aware of six individuals who have known all of Emily’s secrets: Warden Sharon Styles, Amanda, Nolan, Aiden, Satoshi Takeda, and finally Jack. Frank uncovered Emily and Amanda’s identity switch, but it’s unclear if he ever knew of her plans for Revengeance.

Q. Of the following, who is the only one yet to physically kill another human being—that we are aware of, at least? Victoria, Aiden, Trask, Emily, the white-haired man, Nate Ryan, or Amanda.

A. Of those listed, Emily is the only one who has never taken a human life. Conrad, of course, is responsible for almost 200 murders, including David Clark’s, but he executed them all by proxy. Bastard.

Q: Of the following, who has Emily not been romantically involvement with in any way: Jack, Nolan, Aiden, or Daniel?

A: This is an easy one, right? Though he’s (almost) always been her BFF ~ remember how snarky she was to him in the first half of season one? *Shiver* (I’m glad that’s over with) ~ Nolan is the only one with whom she’s had a purely platonic relationship.

Q: Not including the victims of flight 197 and David Clark, what is the death toll to date?

A: If I counted correctly, it’s ten. Let me know if I missed anyone.

  • Lydia Davis blew up with the plane on her way to testify against Grayson Global
  • Frank Stevens was offed by Faux-Amanda when he uncovered her faux-identity
  • Helen Crowley was shot by Victoria
  • Tyler Barrol was killed by Satoshi Takeda
  • Padma and her father were killed by Trask
  • Gordon Murphy, the white-haired man, was killed by Aiden
  • Carl Porter Snr. died of a heart attack
  • Trask got his neck broken by Aiden
  • Satoshi Takeda was skewered with his own sword by Aiden
  • Declan Porter died in the hospital from injuries he sustained at the bombing of Grayson Global

Q: Is Carrion a shell corporation where Conrad has squirreled away funds obtained through questionable means, a hereditary disease that causes early-onset dementia, or software that can turn off the Manhattan power grid instantaneously?

A: Don’t be too hard on yourself if you were confused about Carrion. Figuring this one out could put anyone into a coma. So, in case you were busy admiring the dresses, or spouting comments such as, ‘Oh, no, she di’n’t!’ accompanied by some fierce finger snapping, I’ll just tell you. Carrion is software Nolan created that had the power to turn off the Manhattan power grid and lots of other computer-y stuff. We’re never told what he intended to do with it when he created it—your guess is as good as mine. What is important to know about Carrion is that it was created by Nolan, it was a super huge big freaking deal, and its destruction was so devastating that Nolan changes his focus forever … maybe.

Q: What is The American Initiative?

A: According to the Revenge Wiki, the ‘Initiative’ was ‘a consortium of savvy business professionals who perfected the art of profiting from peoples’ fears. They carry out acts of terrorism and profit by investing in the right companies. They then proceed to pin the blame on various patsies.” So let’s just go with that. And, in case this sipped by you, CONRAD WAS AT THE CORE OF IT! Again, the only thing you need to remember about the Initiative is that Conrad Grayson is an even bigger baddie than we ever dreamed possible and that his moral compass is non-existant.

So, how did you do? Now that we’ve got those facts straight, here are a couple of things to remember about the very end of Revenge’s finale last spring:

  • Aiden drained Grayson’s Amanda Foundation of $3,897,765,444.23
  • Charlotte is pregnant and Declan is dead
  • Conrad and the initiative blew up Grayson Global and tried to kill Jack
  • Conrad won the New York governor’s seat
  • Jack tried to shoot Conrad, but Emily stopped him
  • Victoria’s son, Patrick, has appeared
  • Daniel and Aiden were in a tussle at Emily’s beach house and a gun was involved
  • When the funds were transferred, a blackout was triggered by Carrion
  • Aiden is either on the run or dead. Either way, he’s disillusioned about Emily’s love for him
  • Emily and Daniel are engaged again and planning to move to Paris
  • Nolan has been arrested for committing willful acts of terror against the US

There you have it, Revengers! Did we miss anything and do you feel prepared for Sunday night? See you back here at the same bat time, on the same bat channel, to deliberate, dissect and discuss Revenge’s ‘Fear’ premiering on Sunday, September 29th at 8/7c on ABC!

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