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Revenge Proves Quite the Dish for ABC

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

Revenge Proves Quite the Dish for ABC

ABC’s Revenge is a dish best served cold, with a glass of champagne, at a charity benefit, on a yacht, in a designer dress, standing next to a Van Gough. Well you get the picture.

Based very loosely on Alexandre Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo, Revenge is a little trashy, a little sudsy and a whole lot of fun. If you like ‘summer-read’ melodramas with a touch of glamor and a few hunky men thrown into the mix (in the form of Nick Wechsler and Josh Bowman) then this one’s for you.

The pilot sees Amanda Clarke (Emily VanCamp) assuming the fictitious identity of Emily Thorne in order to return, incognito, to her childhood summer home in the Hamptons and exact terrible revenge on the people who ruined her father and were responsible for her spending most of her early life in a detention center.

Emily meets a neighbor. Image copyright ABC.

It helps that Amanda, now Emily, is a 49% owner of a company her father helped create before he died. Now a billionaire with the means to get close to those who ruined her life, Emily sets out to do just that.

She starts by renting her Dad’s old summer house now owned by Lydia Davis (Amber Valletta) and situated next to Victoria and Conrad Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe and Henry Czerny) sprawling mansion.  Once there, Emily successfully works her way into Victoria’s social circle and attracts the attention of her son, Daniel (Josh Bowman). Emily’s sights are fixed however on Lydia and she exacts her first act of revenge by exposing Lydia’s affair with Conrad to Victoria.

Emily’s meticulous plotting (involving donning wigs and slipping poison into food) is as intriguing to watch as it sounds. And with a large cast of characters on her revenge wish list, we know that tuning in each week will be nothing less than a treat.

The addition of a couple of characters in the wings who look likely to cause Emily potential trouble (Nolan, who knows Emily’s true identity, and Jack Porter, a potential true love interest) means Revenge may be dishing out those just desserts for some time to come.

You can catch Revenge on ABC on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

And if you can’t wait until next week, you can catch a sneak peek of episode 2, Trust, below.




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