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Revenge Exclusive: Nick Wechsler Talks Joining the Revegenda, Romance with Charlotte & The Real Threat to Jack this Season

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

If you haven’t already joined the Revengenda, you may consider climbing onboard now. ABC’s Revenge is back with a third season, old adversaries and a return “to what worked best in season one” according to Nick Wechsler.

We sat down with Nick this week to talk Jack Porter’s season ahead.

Under discussion – romantic entanglements with Charlotte, who shot Emily Thorne, joining Emily’s revenge agenda and just who poses the greatest danger to Jack this season.

Nick also took the time to play “Five Things to Know” with us, so don’t forget to check back with us during the week for his responses to our questions.


Revenge has a new showrunner and a different vibe from Season 2. Personally, I liked season 2. I thought it was quite an interesting one for your character, but going forward, the slate has almost been scrubbed clean for Jack this season. What are your impressions of the season so far and what do you think the key differences are between 2 and 3?

I’m with you. I didn’t have a huge problem with season 2. I was interested in the idea of the Initiative. I’m not terribly into conspiracy theories but I was very interested in the idea that there was this ‘above the law’ group pulling the strings. That sounded cool. I got to do a lot of my favorite stuff on the show to date during the second season. Season 2 was great for me [laughing].

I guess the key difference between the two seasons is that the show has distanced itself from the Initiative. It’s stripped down, I guess. It’s like you said, Jack lost a few family members, and we lost a few cast members. A lot of great peripheral characters, and great guest stars, are gone now. It’s a leaner core group. There isn’t as much periphery to service. I think the idea is that we’re going back to what worked in season 1.


Jack told Emily in the season premiere that she has the summer to conduct her revenge agenda. If she doesn’t he’ll essentially ‘out’ her to her enemies. How serious is this threat?

Oh I think he’s serious. It’s a good question. I don’t know if he would go straight to her enemies but he might just not withhold the truth anymore. He might tell Charlotte more. He doesn’t know that Nolan knows, so he might go to him with a “Hey, guess who’s been lying to us for two years?” I’m not so sure he would go straight to the enemy, because they’re his enemies too. But he definitely means it.


And we’ve seen some of that already. Last week Jack slipped some details about Conrad’s involvement in affairs. Is it going to be difficult for Jack going forward to keep the things he knows close to his vest? He’s sitting on such a huge secret, after all. 

Yes, it’s getting harder to keep a lid on it. Especially now that Charlotte is around more. It makes him feel so bad about himself that he’s lying to her all the time. She’s basically living with him at this point. I don’t know where by the way! We were looking at the apartment in the Stowaway the other day and we realized there’s nowhere for her to sleep. [laughing]. There’s no evidence of her sleeping on the couch. And there’s only one bedroom. I don’t know where she’s sleeping!

Behind the bar!

[laughing] Charlotte, could you clean up these pillows from behind the bar?

Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter. Image © ABC

Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter. Image © ABC

Do you foresee any romantic relationship developing between Charlotte and Jack at any point?

No way. Nothing gonna happen between them. [Pausing] Perhaps in a grittier version of the show, with less of an age gap, that could have been an interesting thing to have happen, actually. Seriously, if it happened over the course of the season, with he and Charlotte being each other’s only support? If they got close through through that? If it was a very slow burgeoning thing? That could be interesting. And then seeing Emily watch as her sister has a relationship with this guy she’s always had feelings for. That would be interesting … but that’s not going to happen! [laughing].

We were discussing Emily and Jack’s mutual enemies earlier. Do you see Emily and Jack teaming up for a little mutual Grayson revenge at any point this season?

It’s possible. He’s so angry at her right now. It’s a complex thing. She destroyed his life and broke his heart with her lies. Now that he knows that she is that girl from his past, he’s bound to hate her for what she did, but he’s also freer to explore his feelings for her than ever. It’s like “Oh, that explains the connection I felt towards you all along.” How could I ever just walk away from that girl? I named my boat after her. I’ve been thinking about her my whole life.

If Jack and Emily do get together for revenge it will be hard won. Fans want it to happen so badly. But in reality, if someone did to you what she did to Jack you wouldn’t want to go team up with that person. Even if you wanted to go after the same villain you would want to do it separately. I’d be “I don’t want your help!”  Things have gotten really tense and far off track between them. But we see these little glimpses from time to time. There was a tiny moment in the season 3 premiere after he kisses her and then takes it away. We see this tiny moment. It’s just a flash but as she’s leaving and he turns and faces camera, we see this look of pained regret for what he’s doing.

Some fans have tweeted me saying “He’s lying! He’s lying!” and I’m thinking “Yes, of course he is!” It’s just that he needs to get her away from him. He’s too angry and heartbroken. If a team up does happen it will come later and it won’t come easy.

By the way that scene was spectacular. I’m not surprised fans are tweeting you about it.

[laughing] Oh thank you so much.

Can you share more about what’s in store for Jack this season?

Well, let’s see. He becomes protective of Charlotte now that he knows who she really is. She was always there on the periphery of his life anyway. He knows now that she’s Emily’s sister and not a Grayson. He wants to tell her who she’s dealing with. It becomes harder for Jack to hide what he knows.

He and Emily are still struggling to get back on  track with each other – at least in everything we’ve filmed so far. We’ll see moments where it’s really hurting him to see her moving forward with her plans. I gave her that ultimatum in the hopes she would just abandon the whole thing. But because she doesn’t abandon the plan, it only serves to break his heart even more. He’s like “Wow, she’s really going through with this. She’s gonna push this Trojan horse further into the Grayson’s lives.” There’s a wedding coming up, and that’s particularly painful to him.

He’s going to butt heads more with his actual rival too. Daniel is not actually a threat as we’ve determined over two seasons. Daniel is the Trojan horse that she rode in on. Aidan poses the real threat to Emily and Jack’s love and any potential they have as a couple. He’s in on her secret and he loves her. He’s dangerous. Butting heads with Aidan could be disastrous for Jack.

Do you know who shot Emily yet?

I don’t actually [Pause] [laughing].

Revenge airs Sundays, 9:00-10:00 p.m., ET on ABC.

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