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Revenge’s Nolan: Conscience v. Accomplice

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 10 years ago

One of the most interesting actors on ABC’s Revenge is the eclectic, but ever-stylish genius billionaire by the name of Nolan Ross.  Our resident genius brings an edge to Revenge that creates humor, mystery, mischief and an element of conscience, especially for Miss Emily Thorne.

While Emily is busy wreaking havoc on the players in her father’s demise, Nolan brings technological savvy to the table, but he also raises the formidable questions, presenting Emily with the dilemma of conscience.  Even though Nolan willingly participates in Emily’s dangerous plan, he also realizes that a plan of deception may end in a ditch of despair. 

It’s certainly fun to play, but it’s always regretful to pay.[/box_light]

This mesmerizing drama presents many characters in an ultimately sad and tragic tale.  We have the characters who have been wronged, such as Emily and her dad.  We have the characters who are guilty of the wrongdoing, such as Conrad and Victoria.  We have the resident opportunist, such as Ashley.  We have the resident love-struck victims, such as Charlotte and Declan.  Rich girl loves poor boy and poor boy adores rich girl, momma wants rich daughter to marry rich husband…..and poor boy keeps showing up at the party. 

Then, we have the poor troubled soul named Daniel, the handsome and wealthy heir who always finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, making friends with the wrong people and loving women with a vendetta.  He has it all, but can’t seem to find a way to keep it together.  Comparatively, we have Jack, the stable and friendly blue-collar character trying to mind his own business.  Of course, he’s the resident nice guy who accidentally falls into the whole sordid mess.  He has no pretense, just rugged innocence.  In an interesting observation, Daniel and Jack come from opposite ends of the spectrum, but find themselves in similar situations.

Gabriel Mann(L) as Nolan and Emily Van Camp(R) as Emily. Image ©ABC Television Network

And then we have Nolan…….our colorful and unpredictable, our mysterious and comical conscience in the story.  He provides us with some unexpected comic relief with his signature Nolanisms!   In playing the part of conscience, Nolan has been designated as the character who raises the difficult questions necessary to the storyline.

Emily has been given the opportunity to follow two paths, a path of forgiveness or a path of revenge. (If you remember, Emily read a letter from her dad that encouraged her to forgive)  Likewise, Nolan encourages her to forgive and forget and sail away with Jack. (That sounds like a good country song!) 

However, her understandable anger, pain, resentment and bitterness have directed her to seek revenge upon her father’s adversaries.  Nolan presents Emily with an “out”, a choice to walk away from a dangerous and unpredictable plan. 

Choices are critical to a storyline.

As usual, she willfully ignores his good advice.  Of course, she doesn’t ignore his technical expertise.

The Nolan Special – two for the price of one!   Nolan actually accomplishes two purposes for the storyline.  His presence is extremely critical.  As Emily’s conscience and guardian angel, he forces her to think and rethink what she is doing.  He keeps her focused on possible repercussions.

As Emily’s accomplice, he is the brains behind her enemy’s demise.  He is the brilliant hacker of computers and accounts.  He is the videographer extraordinaire of the happenings in the Hamptons, featuring recordings by Shamu. (Sea World’s Gift Shop could make a mint off of these!) 

As we read historical accounts or remember various periods in history, there was always the character, the teacher, the leader or the prophet who raised the important questions of ethics, morality and choice.   Nolan represents Emily’s conscience dressed in a polo shirt. (At least we have a fashionable conscience) 

On the other hand, he is the cool blonde distraction who takes the famous author to dinner while Emily burns down the author’s house and only manuscript.  Nolan runs the interference, but he religiously guards the gate.

Without Nolan, Emily is in a heap of trouble……and danger.  If you’re going to have an accomplice, he might as well be a stylish, billionaire geek.  He provides the genius, but he also provides the much-needed conscience.

Okay, here is the big question:  In the end, who will prove more useful to Emily’s future?

Nolan the Conscience or Nolan the Accomplice






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