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Scott Foley Talks “The Goodwin Games” & What He Would Do With $23 Million

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

“What would I do with $23 million? Oh my God, I think I would defer to my wife actually. I think it would go right from my pocket into her hands.”

Scott Foley may have recently divided fans of Scandal, (many of whom doubted his somewhat ambiguous character’s true intentions) but in real life, however, Foley is a very genuine guy and a pleasure to interview.

When elaborating on what he would do with that much money, Foley notes there are some things around the house he would like to get done. “There are some trips we’d like to take. I think a lot of it would go to – honestly a lot of it would go to freeing up time, and that’s kind of important to me. I have kids. I have interests that I’d love to spend more time on and with,” he says. “You give some to charity. You give some time to your family. I think that’s what $23 million buys is time, freedom.”

You might recognize him from a variety of different TV shows. His impressive credits include Felicity, The Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, and the upcoming FOX comedy The Goodwin Games – to name a few. He is not an actor to be pigeonholed in one genre. As he says, “I’ve been very fortunate to have done quite a lot of TV. I was talking to my wife the other day and she was looking on IMDb. She goes, ‘Do you know how many episodes of television you’ve done?’ I had no idea, and she was like, ‘It’s over two hundred.’ I mean it’s crazy, and I’m so blessed to have that sort of thing in my life.”

That modesty is a common thread throughout the interview. He has high praise for fellow Goodwin cast members Becki Newton and T.J. Miller, commenting on how they make it such an enjoyable set.

“We have so much fun on set, and we really do adore each other, and the lighthearted moments can – I’m 40-years-old. I still have a hard time keeping it together sometimes when I’m around really funny people like Becki and T.J. The most challenging thing is really getting through the day and making sure that we get through … There’s a job to be done. A lot of the times the hardest thing is to focus on the task at hand and not get sort of caught up in the comedy of it all.”

(LtoR) T.J. Miller, Becki Newton, and Scott Foley in The Goodwin Games. Image © FOX

(LtoR) T.J. Miller, Becki Newton, and Scott Foley in The Goodwin Games. Image © FOX

The Goodwin Games has Foley playing Henry Goodwin, the successful and tightly wound surgeon who returns home for his father’s (guest star Beau Bridges) funeral. While there, he reconnects with his siblings. The three of them learn that their father had over $23 million to his name, and that only one of his children will inherit the cash. Surprise! In order to collect the money, they have to win the “games” that their father pre-arranged before his death. The games involve digging around in the past, something that Henry Goodwin is particularly reluctant to do.

“I think he is the most successful obviously out of the three of them and hesitant to go back and fall into the trap that is his family. I think he’s worked very hard to get away from that dynamic, and I think that reason alone makes him hesitant.

Now, the fact that they’re playing for $23 million I think changes his mind instantly. Any time you can put – you dangle a carrot of that size in front of really anybody it’s hard for them to say, ‘No.’ I think the story is ultimately as much a comedy and as much about the game. It’s about three siblings who’ve lost touch with themselves and each other, and they come back and through this game – I hate to say they learn to love one another again – but learn to appreciate each other, and I think that was really interesting.”

This is an opportunity for Foley to step into the leading man spot, as some of his past TV roles have been cut short. His characters, particularly recently, have had an unfortunate tendency of dying. Around the same time that he heard from True Blood producers that his schedule would be free, friends Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, and Chris Harris (How I Met Your Mother) were looking to cast The Goodwin Games. Foley describes the timing as a “sort of faithful” thing, saying he loved the script.

“I’ve got to say doing this show out of all the shows I’ve done, whether it was Felicity or Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs or The Unit, I had more fun and it was such a collaborative effort that I’m really proud of it. I hope you guys like it.”

Check out The Goodwin Games Monday, May 20 on FOX.

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