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Scuffles in the Police Station In Brand New Revenge “Impetus” Images

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

ScreenSpy recently shared a gallery of first look images from ABC Revenge’s May 4 episode “Impetus” but now we’ve got a new collection of just-released images to share below.

The pictures show Emily (Emily VanCamp), Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Daniel (Josh Bowman) at a police station, with Emily being interviewed by a detective, while it appears Aiden has been arrested.

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We’re pretty sure ABC refrained from releasing these pics earlier due to the show’s recent kidnap storyline which saw Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) dragged away by a mysterious stranger who appears to be impersonating David Clarke.

Has Aiden taken the rap for Charlotte’s disappearance? It certainly would explain that sly punch that Daniel has managed to land in one particular image.

Get your answers in Revenge’s penultimate episode of the season Sunday May 4 on ABC.


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