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The SHADOWHUNTERS Cast Tease a Brutal Season Ender

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 4 years ago


By Pauline Perenack

The world of Shadowhunters has had a loyal following ever since the release of the first book, and as the television series delves deeper into those books, and grows darker, it’s clear fans are becoming more and more invested.

During this week’s Comic Con panel, the Indigo ballroom was packed with fans eager to hear what was coming in the last few episodes of season two and what we might expect in season three, and they were not disappointed. First, despite the fact that there are still a handful of episodes remaining this season, the cast and crew were willing to delve into season 3, and even went so far as to announce the arrival of book characters Lilith and Jordan. Then following the announcement that Alisha Wainwright, who portrays Maia, has been upped to series regular, the focus finally turned to the remaining episodes of season two, and the big reveal that Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland would be portraying the devious Seelie Queen in the August 7 and August 14 episodes of the series. Those in attendance even got to see a sneak peek of Hyland in action.

Immediately following the panel, ScreenSpy took the opportunity to sit down with executive producers Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, and Matt Hastings, as well as series stars Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario, Harry Shum Jr., and Isaiah Mustafa, during which the final episodes of the season were discussed, and how the revelations made in those episodes would affect the characters involved.

Pictured: Dominic Sherwood and Katherine McNamara. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

Pictured: Dominic Sherwood and Katherine McNamara. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

“Matt directed the last two episodes,” said Slavkin. “They’re probably some of the biggest episodes we’ve done in terms of scope on the show. I will say for book fans, if you’ve read City of Glass, you’ll be super happy and thrilled. It will be very similar to what you read in the book, but with the spin we always do, so it won’t be exactly what you expect. It’s cool. We’re excited.” Swimmer agreed, and discussed how important the books were to the making of the show, and that as producers, they ensure the books are “infused into every frame of the film.” While things definitely change because of how much time they have for each episode, the producers agreed that if you’re fans of the books, you’ll see some fun stuff moving forward that you’ll recognize. “Sebastian is a great example of that,” said Slavkin. “People loved him in the books and we made him uniquely different than the books. We gave him a backstory and texture that wasn’t there.”

Also important to the final episodes of the season, and moving forward, are the relationships in the show, particularly what’s going on with Clary, Jace, and Simon. Slavkin admits that Simon and Clary have some closure on what their relationship is, because they’ve realized what it’s all about, but it’s a little more complicated for Clary and Jace. “The Jace/Clary stuff is OTP. There’s no closure with that. It’s going on for eternity, and it’ll have its ups and downs and stuff, but it’s a huge part of the DNA of the show and the book.” Hastings agreed, saying that “they’re so emotionally connected. The first time they saw each other, there was a spark, and now they have this magical connection which is just so perfect. It’s really interesting to see them weave this circuitous route. It’s not easy. Most relationships aren’t, but we’ll see how they follow their hearts as we move forward.”

In addition to Clace, the producers also dropped some hints about Sizzy. “As we said in the panel, episode 217 has a lot of great Sizzy scenes,” said Slavkin. “They obviously have great chemistry, but we’re only in season two of the show. If they were to get together now, it could be a mistake in terms of storytelling, but if you’ve read the books, that’s the relationship that you’re yarning for. When we do it, it will be for a couple of episodes, and then they’ll start to get restless. We’re not avoiding it.”

Pictured (l-R) Harry Shum Jr, Isaiah Mustafa and Matthew Daddario. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

Pictured (l-R) Harry Shum Jr, Isaiah Mustafa and Matthew Daddario. Photo Credit Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy Magazine

Another relationship that fans are heavily invested in is Malec, which Shum Jr. believes comes from how it’s portrayed. “I think just seeing two completely different worlds is important to people.” Daddario agrees. “I think one thing about both characters is they put walls up. And I think people who are hiding from themselves are defined in that way by putting those walls up. People try to act out like Magnus’ kind of hiding in plain sight by putting on peacock feathers, distracting from things that cause damage. A lot of us do that. And Alec is putting himself in this bubble of hiding from what he can’t really hide from. People relate to that. Bringing walls down, that’s the dream of a relationship – being able to be one’s true, authentic self.” However, Daddario also teases about another upcoming relationship. “There’s a really interesting relationship that develops between Luke and Magnus that I want to be a part of.”

Aside from the relationships of the show moving forward, there’s also the storyline of Sebastian to deal with, and it’s something that will not only impact the rest of season 2B, but will also haunt season three, as Slavkin teases. “Everyone on the show will feel the impact of Sebastian. He doesn’t disappear. If you’ve read the books, he’s a part of this world. So, we do a really cool thing where he’ll stay in the minds of the characters beyond season 2B.” However, even though Sebastian shakes up the sense of justice and trust in themselves of the shadowhunters, they won’t take it lightly. “If you’re a shadowhunter, and you feel stunned, it means you go out and kick ass and seek justice and revenge. They’re not going to roll over,” says Slavkin. “They’re going to make him pay.”

However, there’s still the current season to deal with, and Daddario discusses some of what’s coming. “We find out that there’s a lot more in play than what we’re currently aware of. There are some people working behind the scenes for a variety of shady reasons and they come from all areas, and all the different heroes of the show don’t recognize that these people are hopping on in here and figuring things out.” And of course, while all of that’s happening, Jace and Clary are trying to harness control of their powers, and be able to use them without needing an emotional trigger. “I think it’s ironic that Sebastian is the one that tells Clary that emotions give us power and sort of open that up to her because that leads back to so many different things,” says McNamara. “It enlightens their powers for good.”

Sherwood agreed, and added on that “It’s important to realize that the shadowhunters aren’t emotionless, they’ve just learned to stay in control of them and in many ways, because of relationships like Parabatai, they’re more emotional than human beings in many ways because they’re connected in such a spiritual and soulful way. They just find a way to control them, and this, these powers, learning to control them and find an avenue in exhibiting these powers is what Jace is trying to do now.”

Both McNamara and Sherwood then went on to discuss the importance of the finale for the character development of Clary and Jace. “There’s a scene in the episode that we’re both in, it might be my favorite scene that I’ve ever shot in the show, said McNamara. “But, it’s one of those moments that everything just kind of fell into place, we were all in the right place, and had this solidarity. And it was brutal and hard, and took a lot of time, but it was so worth it. It’s brutal, but it’s amazing.” Sherwood then teased that parts of that scene were in the sizzle trailer shown during the panel, so fans could speculate about what it was.

As the press interviews came to a close, McNamara and Sherwood answered a question about Will Tudor being on set, and McNamara was quick to sing his praises. “Will’s great. We’re so lucky to have him on the show. He fit in from day one. We all knew it was such a big character, and he knew that we needed it to look fantastic. Will really brought it and put in so much work to it, and socially, has really become part of the family.”

“I’ve known Will for years,” added in Sherwood. “I knew Will from London, six years ago, we used to work together. He’s been great. A wonderful addition.” An addition that will affect the heroes of the show for many episodes to come.

Shadowhunters is currently airing the final episodes of season two on Freeform, Monday nights at 8pm EDT, with episodes available on the Freeform app and

Additionally, the “Shadowhunters” digital EP was released by Hollywood Records on Friday, July 21 on platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more. The 6-track album features the theme song “This is the Hunt” performed by Ruelle, plus two songs performed by Alberto Rosende. 

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