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The SHADOWHUNTERS Cast Teases Season 2

BY Abbey White

Published 5 years ago


Shadowhunters might be named after its race of half-human, half-angel warriors, but the Freeform series revels in the world of its angelic counterparts.

The series main downworlders–half-humans, half-demons–are just as much a defining source of narrative tension and compelling characterization as any of the other magical characters or cultures, helping deepen and expand this

In fact, several of the show’s most pivotal and influential characters come from the downworld, including Clary’s best friend turned vampire Simon Lewis and her surrogate father New York werewolf pack leader, Luke Garroway. There’s also the rather magnificent Magnus Bane, a centuries old master of magic, the official High Warlock of Brooklyn, and potential love interest to shadowhunter Alec Lightwood.

Last season, each of these characters played rather significant roles in the happenings of and impending war in the shadow world. However, according to the cast, including Harry Shum Jr. (Magnus Bane), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), and Alberto Rosende (Simon Lewis), season two will be taking many of their stories beyond their relationship to the angelic culture.

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ScreenSpy spoke to all three actors at this year’s New York Comic Con about the upcoming season. While there, we learned that fans of this rich, textured world and these powerful and dazzling characters can expect to see significantly more backstory and more personal storylines for their downworld favorites.

Hear Shum Jr., Mustafa and Rosende talk improving in scenes, working with the writers room and what fans can expect to see more of from their characters in season two in this series of short interviews.

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