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SHADOWHUNTERS “Original Sin” Scoop

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 3 years ago

Shadowhunters is back on March 4 with “Original Sin,” an episode that picks up on the events of the Spring Premiere, as Simon attempts to track down New York’s oldest vampire, Clary and Jonathan find themselves in romantic Paris, and Magnus and Alec struggle to find their new normal.

Speaking of romance, this installment is brimming with it. Your ship is more than likely to receive a nod, whether that’s Magnus and Alec, Clary and Jace, Simon and Isabelle, or Jonathan and Clary.

Wait! What? Eww!

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We’ve seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at Freeform, and have a collection of teasers to share with you below.

As always, we avoid major plot point and character reveals that would likely spoil your enjoyment of the live episode (you’re watching live, right?). That said, we urge you to proceed with a little caution anyway. If you’d like to know more about our strict Spoiler Policy, you can do so through the link in this sentence, but we promise you it won’t be a cool as the article below.

Getting to Know You

When we last checked in on dynamic brother and sister duo Jonathan and Clary, we saw (courtesy of a horrendous tongue skewering scene) that whatever hurts Jonathan hurts Clary.

This week the pair find themselves attempting to get to know each other in Paris no less, as Jonathan attempts to convince Clary he’s basically a good guy with a bad past, and that she is too, and Clary attempts to convince Jonathan she believes him.

Kudos to Luke Baines who plays Jonathan in such a way as to elicit our deepest sympathy for his struggle to be good, tinged with just enough of a serial killer vibe to completely creep us out at the same time. 

Also, just sayin’ but I’m not so sure his love for Clary is completely brotherly

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SHADOWHUNTERS Season 3 Episode 12 "Original Sin" Photos


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