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SHADOWHUNTERS SCOOP: “To the Night Children”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 3 years ago

It's been a tumultuous couple of weeks for Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike (not to mention us Mundanes), but this week's episode of Shadowhunters takes a moment to examine the trajectory of some of its key players, as Maia, Luke, Simon, Alec, Magnus and Isabelle are each forced to weigh the pros and cons of their recent actions, and examine their own conscience in the process.

Meanwhile, as the city recoils from the grisly murders at the Jade Wolf, the Institute considers its next move against Jonathan.

We've seen this week's episode "To the Night children" a little early, thanks to our friends at Freeform, and have prepped a number of teasers for you below.

As always, we never reveal major plot point or character reveals that would spoil an episode head of its air time. That said, we urge you to proceed with a smidge of caution anyway, as one girl's gentle teasers is another's great big flaming spoiler.

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Glass Half Full

It’s Magnus’ first day at the Institute … or as Alec describes it “Just visiting for an extended period of time,” but morning finds our favorite Warlock in a glass half full mood. And we don’t mean the orange juice.

Maybe it’s because of all the uncomfortable stares. Maybe it’s because he’s not as enthused as Alec about pancake day, or maybe it’s because Alec’s handsome friend Underhill has been consoling Alec about his recent relationship woes. You’ve got to stop doing that, Underhill!

Either way, Magnus is feeling less than enthused, and maybe even a little jelly?

Suck it up Magnus. These moments will seem precious in comparison to what’s coming by the episode’s end.

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