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SHADOWHUNTERS “How Are Thou Fallen” Sneak Peeks

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago


Um guys, is it just us or is Clary maybe just a teeny weeny bit put out that Simon is spending so much time with Maia?

This new sneak peek clip from Shadowhunters‘ next episode sees Simon fretting over his shirt (pre-date jitters or just really really fastidious about ironing?) while Clary seems sad that her friend is making new, possibly romantic, connections.

Of course, as we know, Simon’s upswing is happening at a time when his oldest friend is at her lowest point emotionally, so it could just be that. But still …

Meanwhile, Alec has some harsh words for Jace who is also having a rough time of things lately. Having traded a cell in the City of Bones, Jace quickly discovered that not everyone in the Institute (and by not everyone, we mean nobody) was happy to see him return. Now shunned, suspected and demoted, Jace has taken to lounging shirtless in Magnus’ bed.

Dude, are you aware you’re totally ruining any chance of a sexy #Malec make out session?!?

Freeform teases that Monday’s ep. will see Clary and Luke at odds with each other when Luke’s Iron Sister Cleo (she of the stabby persuasion) shows up at the Jade wolf claiming complete innocence of her recent actions.

Interestingly, it’s Luke who finds it difficult to accept his sister’s word, while Clary sees a golden opportunity to get at Valentine through Cleo.

Catch the clips below.

The “How Are Thou Fallen” episode of Shadowhunters airs Monday, February 13 (8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EST), on Freeform.

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