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SLEEPY HOLLOW Goes “Into the Wild”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

Sleepy Hollow

By Chris B.

The cold open to this week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow has Abbie and Jenny enjoying some sibling bonding time as only the Mills sisters could—on an indoor climbing wall, dangling 50 feet above the floor. Apparently, finding her inner Spiderman was one of the few perks to being trapped in “a timeless dimension with sheer rock walls” for Abbie.

Crane has been helping Abbie’s recovery with behavior modification, his “diet of the mind,” gleaned from the Succulent Family’s Netflix subscription. Jenny wonders if Abbie is truly ready for her upcoming FBI survival training, placing her in close quarters to Daniel Reynolds. Abbie waves off her concerns, assuring Jenny that the past with Daniel is just that—the past. Now, he’s her boss.

As The Hidden One beams over his new hourglass, Pandora brings him good news: she has recovered another corner of her box. Their magical puzzle is slowly coming together. As each piece aids the restoration of her husband, she hopes her box can be restored as well, but The Hidden One coldly orders, “Do not mar this moment with your selfish needs.” She acquiesces, but a flash of those yellow lizard eyes harken trouble to come.

While Crane takes the golden symbol for analysis in Rochester, Abbie heads out for her FBI session. Out in the woods, a sick agent means the third man on Abbie and Sophie’s team is, of course, Daniel Reynolds. (“No, this isn’t going to be awkward at all.”)

On the upside, the time allows for some nice moments for Sophie and Abbie, each sharing the way that the supernatural had robbed them of the childhood she deserved. Another positive nugget: “The supernatural has given you a lot of good, too. It led you to Crane.” Now you’re speaking my language, Sophie.

When Robbie, the tour guide, is attacked by a Verslinder, a self-generating worm creature, Sophie quickly blames coyotes. The three agents take him to shelter in an abandoned cabin. Daniel declares the outing is his responsibility, so he strikes out alone to find help. Sophie uncovers a journal conveniently stashed in the floorboards of their refuge that reveals the beast’s victims expire and rise again. To stop the cycle, they must kill the original Verslinder. Abbie gathers some roots and herbs with natural antibiotic properties to make a weapon to do the job. As Sophie and Abbie tag-team the creature, Crane shows up at an opportune moment to shoot the wormy abomination into dust.

Unhappy Wife, Unhappy Life

Wisely fearing that it may relate to Pandora, Jenny and Joe are off together to track down a Sumerian artifact that has shown up on the black market. The swanky auction draws a Who’s Who of wealthy dealers, like Hans Christensen, who knows both Jenny and August Corbin. The item up for bid is a piece of Pandora’s box, glowing with residual energy. They realize that if the evil duo is able to collect the pieces and reassemble the box, they will be unstoppable.

Joe makes a winning bid of one million dollars, hinting at just how deep run the pockets of his so-called blood money, but when he touches his prize, his eyes roll white. Uh-oh. Jenny, unaware, scoops it up, but as they exit, they are held at gunpoint by Christensen; still, even his “very motivated buyer” (Jack Walters, perhaps?) can be no match for the last person to arrive: Pandora. He fires on her and, during her psychic crush of his trachea, allows Joe and Jenny to escape.

When Pandora catches up, she floors Jenny, shrieking, “My power is my own and no one will take it from me ever again!” But as Joe grabs the piece to trade for Jenny’s safety, it triggers the dormant Wendigo inside him. Pandora declares, “You are a creature of darkness. You have been hiding it from yourself, but you cannot hide it from the box.” Wendigo Joe slices Pandora and sends her fleeing; he is in and out of creature status as Jenny tries to console him.

When the injured Pandora returns to her lair without her prize, The Hidden One seems outraged on her behalf, but when he learns that she was injured by a creature of chaos, his solution is not to help her, but to kill the Witnesses himself since she was a hopeless failure. “You let the mortals get the better of you at every turn, so now I must do what should have been done long ago.” When he disappears in a flash, Pandora calls up images of the Witnesses and their symbol, waxing contemplative. Clearly, she, too, is hatching a new plan.

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