Once Sneak Peeks: The Snow Queen Undermines Everyone

You have to hand it to Once Upon a Time’s Snow Queen.

Her powers may not equal The Dark One’s (at least not directly) but she has an uncanny ability to get under the skin of just about anyone in Storybrooke.

Last week it was Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) turn to be unnerved by a bad memory from her past. In Sunday’s episode, titled “The Snow Queen,” it’s Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) who are left feeling the brunt of this schemer’s malovelent touch as The Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell) brings chaos, heartache and uncertainty into their lives.

We’ve got to hand it to Regina. Our favorite Evil Regal is staying just about as far from Robin Hood as she can. Without the power to undo Marian’s Snow Queen-induced frozen state, all she can hope is for Robin to somehow fall back in love with his wife. (Kind of a hard thing to do considering she’s now essentially a heartless frozen block of ice, but hey, we don’t judge!).

While Regina and Robin struggle over those feelings that just won’t go away, Emma is about to find herself similarly undermined by the Snow Queen in a more direct fashion. Think those manacles are binding, Emma? Storybrooke’s latest villain may not be as vanquished as you think!

Catch our sneak peek clips (courtesy of our friends at ABC) below and remember “The Snow Queen” airs Sunday Nov. 9 on ABC.