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“Soak Up Jack While You Can” Says THIS IS US Patriarch

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 4 years ago

“It’s good to play a good guy,” Milo Ventimiglia reflects, on the eve of the season 2 premiere of NBC’s runaway hit series This is Us.

The feelgood family-centric series returns (having already secured a third season pickup) on Tuesday, Sept. 26, and will pick up the pieces of Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) lives on their 37th birthday, a full year after we first met the Big Three in the series premiere.

But at the junior Pearsons contemplate career and family, a a deep dive into the past will explore Jack (Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) fractured relationship, and more scoop on Jack’s untimely death.

“We’re going to get answers to Jack’s death very quickly,” reveals Ventimiglia. “But if you know anything about Dan Fogelman’s style of storytelling, with every answer you’re going to get about twenty questions. I think people should really pay attention to the early episodes, and what happened, what it was, when it was, and how it was.”

While many fans were expecting Jack to die in a drunken car crash in last season’s finale, there was relief when the much teased ‘heartbreak’ telegraphed Jack and Rebecca’s (temporary?) breakup instead. Will Jack and Rebecca get back together any time soon? Is Miguel waiting in the wings, and just when is superdad Jack leaving us?

“Soak up Jack while you can,” says Ventimiglia.

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