STUMPTOWN Season 2 To Explore “Nature Vs Nurture”

STUMPTOWN  (ABC/Jessica Brooks)



Audiences at last year’s Comic Con were able to see the cold opening of ABC’s new series Stumptown. It whet the appetite for what turned out to be an action-packed and humorous series that was recently renewed for a season two.

This year’s panel brought together graphic novel author Greg Rucka, executive producers Jason Richman, David Bernad, Monica Breen and Ruben Fleischer, and series stars Cobie Smulders, Jake Johnson, and Michael Ealy to discuss what went down in season one, and what fans should expect in season two. As such, here are some things we learned:

  1. Rucka was really excited about watching the whole cast breathe and inflate his characters to make them real. He said there’s nothing like seeing it happen in real life.
  2. Bernad mentioned that while they expanded a lot of the characters that weren’t as prevalent in the novels, they worked hard to maintain the tone and intention that Rucka set out to make.
  3. Breen was excited to join the show because the first season was so fun, and the characters were real. They did good things, but they weren’t perfect. Their lives and relationships were messy.
  4. Smulders says that the first season was Dex’s journey to face her past, and it was fun to slowly acknowledge the faults from her past that she needed to fix to move forward.
  5. Rucka explains that Dex is meant to be a modern take on a classic private investigator. And while it’s fiction, it has to be emotionally true, and honest.
  6. Richman says that in season one, it was very important to establish Dex’s PTSD, because this will follow the life of the character throughout the series.
  7. Both Ealy and Johnson agreed that they never felt like they were in a love triangle on the show – regardless of what marketing tried to push – but instead, they respected each other, and what Dex had with each of them was very different.
  8. Johnson didn’t know much about the road his character was going to take during the season, but liked what happened.
  9. Ealy didn’t know much about Miles, and he said that’s what drew him to the character. He’s now learned everything he needs to know about Miles, and is looking forward to moving the character of Miles forward in future seasons.
  10. Smulders describes costar Cole Sibus as the heart of the show and of the set. She thought it was so cool to see him working so hard and to blossom over the year. Johnson agreed that Sibus is extremely talented, and joked that if Sibus didn’t like what a character was doing, he would get a little mad at the actor.
  11. Smulders, Johnson, and Ealy are all looking forward to seeing how their relationships with their parents will play out in season two.
  12. Richman says that a major theme of season two will be nature versus nurture, particularly in the sense of Dex, and how she came to be the person she is today due to her relationship with her mother, who will play a huge role in season two.

Stumptown had a wonderful rookie season, and now that the characters are fully developed, season two promises to throw some unique twists and turns their way. And of course, the soundtrack should prove to be a solid character in this next season as well.

Stumptown will return soon on Wednesday nights at 10pm PT/ET on ABC.

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